The answer to a nagging child

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

• Parents should explain to the child in advance that the answer to the nagging is a failure.

This is a wonderful way to teach children to make informed choices.For example, you allow the child to postpone the homework, because he wants to watch your favorite TV show.But if at that time the child begins to whine at the slightest pretext, the agreement is canceled.Soon he realizes that whining will not achieve anything good, on the contrary - in response to any request, uttered nagging tone, he will hear a resounding "no."

As soon as the child starts to whine, channels of communication with their parents close.It is necessary to specify in advance the rules.Choose a time when the child is calm, and explain how you will behave, if he starts whining.For this ideal so-called "family conference", or select the time when you can confidentially talk to the child face to face.A calm and respectful tone, explain to the kid that:

• «If you ask me about something nagging tone, I answer" no "to";

• «If you start whining, I will not pay attention to you";

• «If you start to whine in a crowded place, we immediately leave";

• «If you start to whine in a car, we will stop and will not go anywhere."

After that it was time to back up their words with actions.Usually, one or two times is enough to make a child understand that whining - this is a bad way of communication, which does not help to achieve the desired.

Parents decade or Brit decided to put a stop whining and give his daughter to understand that from now on it does not act on them.They chose the right moment and explained to the girl that now she would have to learn how to express their requests calm and respectful tone, but also to be sensitive to failures.Parents are also warned daughter that if she begins to whine, then the answer is one - "no".

A week after this conversation before Britney gets an easy task: she really wants to get a gift for his birthday dear skating.Girl with parents agreed that part of the gift, it will pay out of their savings, and some additional payments mom and dad.Britney saving money for a long time, and now she's got half the required amount.But best friend invited her to a water park, and if you go there, you will need to pay for admission, rides and food.

Parents allowed her daughter to go to the water park with your friends under one condition: it must itself pay the costs.But then Britney will spend their savings and will not be able to get videos for my birthday.

Like any child, Britney wants and rollers, and a water park.She begins to whine, that other parents do not force their children to pay out of their savings and bought all that they asked.The girl behaves as if it is "evil" parents came up with the need to make decisions and be able to manage your money.

Nagging does not stop, it becomes more and more insistently.Then Dad calls his parents and girlfriend Britney said that her daughter will not go with them to a water park.Girl tries to protest, but the parents do not pay attention to it and go about their business, giving her the opportunity to reflect on their behavior.

Parents held their chosen action script, even though it was very difficult.Words are useless in such a situation, so Dad went immediately into action.When she began whining, just do not pay attention to it.Faced with a similar reaction to the parents several times, Britney realizes that the answer to the nagging will always be a failure.