Air and sun bathing

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

By tempering procedures include not only dousing with cold water, but also air and sun baths, which can be taken almost from the first weeks of life baby.Only if he had been born preterm or debilitated, tempering procedures should be carried out in a more sparing mode, with a gradual increase in load.

Strictly speaking, the first air baths baby gets longer when swaddling in the future - when he massaged.However, doctors recommend not to cover the massaged parts of the body warm diaper, but partially still hardening process has already begun.Over time, the child can be stripped entirely on the massage and gymnastics, and later, when he gets used to the temperature changes, it will be possible to leave

naked specifically for air baths.The first air bath baby should be arranged at an air temperature not lower than 22-24 ° C and last only 1-2 minutes.These baths can hold 3 times a day, combining with massage and gymnastics, as well as swaddling.Over time, the duration of contact with air can be increased

to 5.4 minutes while gradually reducing its temperature to 18-20 C.

air hardenable baby baths provide a good tone as coolness causes muscle tension at which there is increased energy efficiencyor heat.So cool invigorates and promotes the movement, and thus the development of children.However, many of them before their peers learn new moves, before starting to sit up, crawl, etc. The skin also "respond with gratitude" for tempering procedure:.. Because air baths increase blood circulation and oxygenation, they are less likely to react to different allergens, sebaceous glands are working properly, so the skin does not require additional care.

I would like to give a few tips: if you want your baby to be healthy and less sick, should not be limited by regime tempering procedures, it is necessary to use every opportunity to hold the baby at least a little naked or partially naked,

example, no sliders oropen breast.Thus, the body's thermoregulation baby get better much faster.

If possible, you can arrange a baby sleep in the air, for example, on a balcony or a loggia, an open window.During the warm season, of course, it is easier to do, because the child does not have to wear in warm weather, it will not freeze, but the winter will have to be more attentive while you sleep on the street.

Very often air baths combined with sunbathing, however, for children first year of life active sunbathing contraindicated.Young children like no other for growth and development is needed vitamin D, which is produced in the body by the action of sunlight.Although the active sun bathing our kids are forbidden, but light and airy-WIDE allowed.What are these baths?Their baby can take in the summer on a sunny day in the shadow of the trees or under the summer umbrella crown.On the delicate skin of the baby does not fall in direct sunlight, and scattered through the tissue or foliage.As a result, staying for a long time outside in sunny weather, the baby is not too hot and not burn his delicate skin.

Sunbathing can receive and "lucky", whose windows face south.In this case the mother can open a window, prevent the emergence of a draft, and the kid will receive a dose of UV light.

you, of course, it is known that the solar activity during the day is not the same, and is especially dangerous in the lunch hours.Therefore, doctors recommend walks with the child in a good sunny day in the summer from 9 to 11 hours and after 16 hours.

Nevertheless, and to sunlight toddler is gradually accustom.Initially, sun exposure should not exceed 2 minutes.Every day it is possible to increase the time by 1 minute, bringing to 15 minutes, only to the year baby can stay in the sun no more than 30-40 minutes.Sunbathing, like pouring cold water, it is necessary to carry out gradually, revealing some parts of the body.For example, in the first session, you can only open the baby legs, eventually the sun's rays can be substituted and belly, and a little later - the chest.When she saw that her baby is ready for a full naked, his skin got used to the sun, and it can be completely bare.But this applies only to the body, as for the head, it should always be covered with a hat (bonnet, a scarf or a hat).

I would like to give, and two other council mothers who have babies sunbathing, being outdoors.It is best to place the child in a stroller is not, and on the exposed surface, such as grass.Thus it will be possible to avoid the overheating of the body baby, as his body will from all sides pour over oneself by air currents.

If the baby's skin is too delicate, the mother should very carefully monitor its sosto-

yaniem, as even in the shadow of these children can get a sunburn, which will appear only in a few hours.

speaking about the special sensitivity of baby's skin to the sun, it is worth recalling that the dark-haired dark-skinned children more quickly get used to the sun, than their white-skinned blond peers.

As for the colder seasons, the mother need to use the appearance of the sun in this season and put the stroller with the baby toward the sun, exposing them to face and handle the child.

strengthening child even such simple ways parents can significantly increase its immunity.You can verify this by paying attention to how often ill children whose mothers have neglected medical advice on hardening.