Drinking water for baby

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Some drink water, others do not. often recommended to give the child water between feedings once or twice a day.It is not absolutely necessary, because the amount of water in the mixture is calculated so as to satisfy the needs of the child.Important to give water in summer or when the child has a high fever.Children who usually refuse from water, in such cases it is drunk.

By the way, most of the children do not drink the water from two weeks to a year.At this time, they recognize only nutritious high-calorie liquid and plain water hurts them.If your child likes it, of course, give him one or more times per day between feedings (not just immediately before a meal).Give him as much water as he wants.Probably, he will drink no more than '60 but do not force it to drink water if he does not want.It makes no sense to anger him.He knows what he wants.

If your child drinks water, boil for three minutes so that was enough for the day.Keep water in a sterilized bottle.When you need a little, pour off into a

nother sterilized bottle and then warm the, like a bottle of milk.

sure to boil water which is drinking a child during the first year and the second year - unless you are sure that the water from the tap is clean enough.

If you use water from a well, it is important to check for the presence of bacteria and nitrates before birth (Nitrates in water cause paleness of the lips and the skin of the child.) Write to your state health department.

sweetened water. If a child does not drink plain water, try to give him sweetened.Water is especially necessary if you wish to cancel or night feeding the baby eats less because of illness or heat.

Add one tablespoon of sugar without the top or corn syrup to 500 g of water and boil for three minutes.

No need to sterilize all. mixture and equipment for its manufacture are sterilized to prevent bacterial growth.Drinking water is sterilized to kill bacteria that may have penetrated into the tank, or to prevent harm from poor plumbing.Sometimes the mother so scared of bacteria that not only sterilized milk mixture and water, but everything that can get the child into his mouth.You must not make a fuss because of the fact that eating and drinking your child.No need to sterilize plates, cups and spoons, because on a clean dry surface of the dish bacteria can not live.It is reasonable to wash the orange, designed for children, because it can keep the sick person.There is no need to sterilize the knife with which you will cut an orange.Bacteria do not have time to multiply in the juice, if you give it to the baby 10 minutes after cooking.

can wash with soap and rubber ring for teeth and toys that the baby takes in the mouth, after you've bought them.But there is no need to wash them afterwards if they do not fall on the floor because they are only the child bacteria to which he was accustomed.