Exemplary complexes of exercises for children from birth to one year

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

first month

If Mom and Dad are ready to perform the exercises with the baby, and in fact there are no contraindications for classes, you can start.

At this age, the duration of gymnastics classes is 5-8 minutes, to which must be added and the time allotted for massages, t. E. An average of an additional 6 minutes.The duration of studies is 5-8 minutes, each exercise is repeated 3-4 times.Studying the method of performing the recommended exercises for babies, you will easily recognize their own actions with the baby, so to perform a set of exercises for the newborn for you will not be difficult.

newly born baby is helpful to lay out on his tummy on a half a minute, with his head should be rotated to the side - this is the first exercise.Familiar, is not it?

In parallel with putting the baby can have a massage of the back and buttocks, and legs.

following exercise will simulate the crawling baby.To do this you need to put the baby on his tummy and bend his legs at the knees.Mom should fasten their p

alms to the soles of the newborn, when he reflexively rather vigorously push off from them, trying to straighten the legs and move forward.At the same time

can hold and foot massage with flexion and extension of fingers on them.

At this age, the baby may surprise their parents and the ability to walk.Demonstration of such opportunities will be a kind of gymnastics for him.To do this, you need to take the baby under the arms and lifted in a vertical position with his back to her.Give him a chance to touch the legs to the table top, and then it will make the reflexive-Tornio several shazhochkami.

As regards reflexes, then check the child's ability to grasp at offered him his thumb and held him, reaching out to him the head and upper torso for even a fleeting moment, a very good charging.

baby feet also require a warm-up, this can be just bend and unbend the turn, then both at the same time.

1-2 months

Performing gymnastics and massage items for children of this age should take about 15 minutes of time, so not necessary to perform all the proposed exercises, you can change them on each lesson.

For performing this exercise should be to lay the baby on his back.Before the exercises will be very useful to make the baby massage the arms and legs.To do this, you need to perform different

keeping the sides and mixing them on his chest, mimicking his arms.Gently and smoothly bend and unbend handle kid, imitating the movement of boxer hands.

turned the baby on his tummy to give him the opportunity to push half-bent legs on the oversight of their feet palm.At the same time the second hand is necessary to support a child under the breast.

performing with a baby the next exercise, Mom helps him learn how to turn on the flank.To do this, she must embrace her with his left hand the lower leg of the child, and the right - his left forearm.At the same time, the baby can roll over on their own flank.This exercise should be carried out alternately to the left then to the right.

be completed exercise breathing exercises.To do this, lying on top of the handle, bent at the elbow, it is necessary to raise - the kid has to take a breath, and then lowered and pressed against the breast - baby exhale.

Lying on your side, your pipsqueak can show it, even reflexively, can bend the spine.To help him, you have to lightly pressing the fingers of one hand, hold them by the rectus spine from the sacrum to the neck.This kid spine sag.This exercise should be performed alternately on each side.

At this age, is useful to continue the exercise to capture and pull on the thumbs mother's hands.

Before a set of exercises that you need to perform while lying on the back, stomach and on your side, it is useful to have a massage.

lying on his back or tummy baby can perform exercises are not just for hands and feet, but also for the eyes, with the possible training and hearing, if the toy which you take for it will make sounds.To do this, you need to put before the eyes of a child at a distance of 50 cm bright toy and wait for when he will focus his gaze on her.Then slowly take it to the left and right, up and down, giving him the opportunity to watch her.

followed by a massage of the hands in a circular motion the baby, which can be completed exercises for fingers.To do this, you just need to make them circular movements, first clockwise and then - against.

3-4 months

At this age, the exercises should also be combined with a massage and take approximately 15 minutes.Previous studies complex repeats, but it is necessary to add a few more exercises for the arms, legs and torso.These we will now describe.

At this age, the mother can help your baby to turn from a prone position on

back not only on the flank, but also on the belly, while he shows much more skill and effort.To do this, right-hand man for the child's need to embrace the middle part of the lower leg and a finger of the other hand to put his left hand in the crook of the elbow.Fixing this situation, it is necessary to straighten his legs and begin to rotate the pelvis to the left, while simultaneously pulling the left stick forward.The little man will respond diligently to turn your torso and head on belly.This heavy exercise should be done with a few interruptions to massage 1-3 times in each direction.

sag back to the kid at this age can be a number of ways.

1. Mom should take the legs with one hand ■ Denza infant lying on his stomach, near the ankles, and the other put his hand on his lower back.Now she can lift the baby's legs over the table, holding the trunk and avoiding excessive deflection waist.

2. Put your baby breast and abdomen in his arms and pull them forward, lifting above the table.At this time, the child reflexively begins to bend back, lift and take back his head and straighten your legs.Performing pulling up on the fingers of his hands

mom can already translate the kid from position reclining to a sitting position, but at the same time gently lowered him onto his back, holding his head.

5-6 months

To the previous set of exercises you can add exercise lifting straight legs.To do this you need to put the child on the back and take his calf muscles, straighten your legs.Raising them so that they are with the table surface is a right angle, and then lowered.

diversify this exercise can be tilted to the side straightened up and raised legs, thus make sure that they are not bent, and the kid did not turn after them.

Exercises for the feet, you can add and "bicycle".

At this age, you can vary the set of exercises for the shoulder belt.To do this, you need to lift above the surface of the table top of the child's torso and upper arms, bending the arms, bends the shoulders back to the convergence of the blades.

flexion and extension arms now also moleno little to correct.To this end, bent handle baby should be brought to the shoulders, and then straighten them.

7-8 months

your heir to grow and develop his muscles get stronger, so performing the same set of exercises, it is less and less will need the help of parents.At the same time mothers do not forget about the massage.

add the same set of exercises can be games "Get" type and "crawled".To do this, you will need

bright musical toy or ball, to which the baby will try to reach or crawl.

exercises to straighten the legs can vary them in a circular motion.

9-10 months

At this age, as a complement to the familiar and well-researched exercises can add walking on all fours for a movable toy;rising to his feet with support for adult fingers;walking with support for hands.

sitteth baby useful with the ball game.However, he must not only try to get the ball rolled, but also play the game with his mother "on - let", and my mother must serve the ball child is standing on one side of it, then the other.So he will train all the muscles of the torso and arms.

With rolled back from the kid the ball it can encourage and walk with the support of an adult.

11-12 months

Many children at this age can stand on their own and even walk.Therefore, as additional exercises can be performed squats and priplyasyvaniya, not forgetting the massage.

Finishing the story about the benefits of gymnastics and methods of maintaining the baby's in good physical shape, I would like to remind once again that every time a class with the child should start

with light exercises to complex, interspersing their massage.Never be forced to do gymnastics, if the little one did not want to, because the exercise is to give him pleasure and joy, or he refuses to work and retain their dislike of him for life.