Massage for children aged 3-4 months

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

At this age, to the complex, as described above, you can add a few extra

elements.For example, massaging the arms and legs, stroking, you can add to the grinding ring, which also need to finish stroking.Feet baby should also be massaged more vigorously, adding the ring grinding and light tapping fingers, ending with the stroking.By the foot massage, you can add a kind of gymnastics and massage: after grinding foot to press the pad of the thumb to the base of the fingers on the bottom, thus there will be a reflex flexion of the toes;rubbing the edge of the foot will lead to their extension.

performing stroking movements in a clockwise direction in the abdominal area, they can be changed in the counter, passing to abdominal skin rubbing and stroking ending.

Massage of the back and buttocks can vary by rubbing the whole surface, starting and ending with the stroking.

The first set of exercises, you can add a facial massage.It should start from the middle of the forehead.Stroking movements fingertips t

o move from it to the temples and down his cheeks, massaging the area of ​​the jaw with the transition to the area behind the ear.

add complex and can be as follows: put the baby on the flank and gently with fingertips to hold the longitudinal muscles that keep the spine.

Massaging child aged 4-6 months, you can add to the previous methods vibrating

ny chest compressions.To do this you need to put the baby on the back and perform tapping with your fingertips on the first front surface of the chest, and then - on the sides.Then turn the child moleno and perform the same, tapping on the back.

Massage baby aged 6-9 months are usually a little different from the above-described methods.But doctors have developed a special massage for children of this age, because they begin to sit up and crawl, t. E. Will soon.

So complex begins with stroking the back of the waist-to-head with the back of both hands.

should then go to the tummy.To do this, lying on the back of the child's need to stroke the palm of your hand clockwise, without pressing on the liver area.Then you need to start at the lower back and the palm of the baby move them towards each other, to connect to the navel.

lying on the back of the child can bend and unbend the handle at the elbows, raise their hand, and then to cross on his chest.

Turning to the legs of the child, they need to be stroked in the direction of the foot to the thigh, and then bend both legs at the knees and gently squeeze to the tummy, then slowly straighten them.Then, by performing a sliding motion promenade but the table, bend the leg at the knee.

lying on the back of the child should be given the opportunity to seize the thumbs mother.

Then dilute it handles a bit to the side and pull the baby, helping him sit up.Then, with one hand holding the handle it, and the other - by supporting the back and head, help to return to the original position.

kid who has reached 9-12 months, it is useful to carry out all the same massage facilities, but to add to them a massage of hands and fingers.To do this, perform the stroking and rubbing in a circular motion along the fingers and wrist.

As mentioned above, massage newborns and infants is recommended to be performed in parallel with the gym, which now will be discussed.It should be noted that complexes of exercises below are designed and recommended by experts, taking into account not only the physical but also neuropsychological development of the baby.