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Millions against disease

British and US scientists are developing a new method for the treatment of AIDS, based on the transfusion of donor blood serum patients who are carriers of the virus, but do not have symptoms of the disease.By the way, now the UK Medical Research Council spends around £ 7 million a year to study the disease, in 1992-1993 the amount will increase to 16 million pounds.Symptoms of AIDS there.

Treat until late

Doctors changed adopted earlier views on the development of AIDS, and in particular to the long latency period of the disease.If we assume that individuals infected with the virus but have no symptoms of the disease, AIDS may not develop, but now experts have come to the conclusion that almost all the sick infected over time.

gloomy conclusion, but it turned out that the long latency period of the disease can be used against it the same, and 90 percent of deaths prevented if timely to take appropriate measures.Experts say that treat AIDS, after the onset of symptoms - it

is too late.Treatment should be combined: medication, diet therapy.All this 5-10 times reduces the destructive effect of the virus that may be many thousands of cases of people give a "breathing space" for a time, until you have created radical methods of struggle.

Viruses satellites

Scientists, University of California in San Francisco found that hepatitis B virus can activate genes of the AIDS virus and accelerate the course of the disease.A preventive vaccine against hepatitis B may have, and action against AIDS.Scientists have also found a great similarity between hepatitis B and AIDS, both diseases are transmitted through sexual contact and through blood, more than 90 percent of patients infected with AIDS and hepatitis B were found and other viruses that can activate the AIDS virus - a virus such as herpes virus and giant.

Avoid stress

French believe the cause of all diseases of the liver, the English - intestines, Americans - stress.Recent studies show that stress can have effects on the people infected with the AIDS virus.While scientists do not have data on the dependence of neurophysiological state of the human condition and its immune system, but it proved that the relaxation and therapy can help extend the life expectancy of people infected with the AIDS virus.

Three forms

epidemic According to the World Health Organization, is now all over the world registered more than 250 thousand cases of AIDS.In addition, 5-6 million people are carriers of the virus, which means that over the next five years, AIDS ill about one million people.»

are three forms of the epidemic.For example, suffer mainly homosexuals and drug addicts who use intravenous drugs in the United States and France.In the countries of Central, Southern and Eastern Africa, the Caribbean and Latin America are infected mainly the hetero male and female, their number is almost the same.In Eastern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East, parts of Asia and the Pacific, the number of patients is relatively not so high, but the threat of the epidemic is real and for these regions.

Ozone kills HIV

Ozone therapy can be an effective weapon against AIDS.In laboratory studies proved that ozone kills the AIDS virus.Due to its antiseptic properties, ozone is used for disinfection in the days of the First World War, but after the discovery of antibiotics, doctors' interest to it fell.

The Medical Center of San Francisco Veterans Administration ozone injected through the rectum AIDS patients, caused a significant decrease in the number of viruses in the blood, stimulate the body's defenses.