Speed ​​: how it all began

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Year 1981 th.New York and San Francisco - two American cities with the highest concentration of homosexuals and the high level of medicine.For the first time a group of young people has been described previously unknown disease, called later ADS (in Russian AIDS - acquired immune deficiency syndrome).

more precise way: there were reports that young people became ill with pneumonia and Kaposi's sarcoma.The odd thing was that pneumonia does not respond to treatment.And the diagnosis "Kaposi's sarcoma" in this case perplexed: previously thought that this - a disease of old men ...

phenomenon of immune deficiency initially tried to explain the features of the sexual behavior of gay men.Thus, it was definitely shown that sperm is introduced into the rectum, causes immunosuppression.However, before a similar disease in gay men was not!

However, in the current behavior of homosexuals were particularly - just at the end of the 70s they started to use nitrites.These particular substances used by homosexuals t

o increase sexual potency and reduce the tone of the muscles of the anus, immunosuppressive effect was found.

Meanwhile, new patients who did not have homosexual contacts ...

In late 1983, French researchers (Mont-tane, etc.), And then the US (Gallo et al.) Isolated from patients with AIDS and their sexualpartners of human immunodeficiency virus (HIV).The virus was detected in the blood and semen that exactly corresponds to transmission of the disease through blood and sexual intercourse.

believed that HIV predecessors began to circulate in Africa many years ago among the monkeys.But when and why there was a fatal mutation - is unknown.However, in the history of mankind it is already happening: there is nothing surprising in the fact of the appearance of a new virus.However, he began to spread, and need appropriate social conditions.

imagine the process of the emergence of a new disease can be so.When cutting a whole monkey hunter hurt his hand and through the wound in his body has got a virus.Then, through sexual contact has caught the wife of the hunter, then maybe another woman ...

If our hypothetical hunter monkey living in a remote forest village, only infected their women, the disease would not spread far.

If the victim was a prostitute, the number of which in Africa has sharply increased due to the growth of cities, the spread of disease began a rapid pace.

is possible, however, that the virus mutation occurred not in Africa, but the spread of the process was one - intimate human relationships.

In Australia, the first AIDS patients were homosexual, who returned from the United States.

In India - the prostitute, serving drivers about the big highway.

In Germany and Czechoslovakia - homosexuals, who had connections with foreigners.

K. first AIDS patient, found in Russia - a homosexual, he worked as a translator in Tanzania.Returning to his homeland, K. had sexual relations with more than 20 young people 18-20 years.Not all - only five of them - were infected with the AIDS virus.These young people do not become homosexuals, later they had sex with 24 women.Of these, three were infected, and one - a student of 9th class.Among the infected donor and was systematically donate blood, it had infected another 5 people, including two children.