Fantasy on themes for children

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

should not think that the child is indifferent as his dress.In children, the nature of the inherent sense of harmony, which is easy to suppress and disregard as easily develop if a baby surrounded with beautiful things.Therefore, children's fashion - a special phenomenon.

Constant baby clothes update - not a fad, but a necessity: the children grow up.This makes the young mothers learn to sew and knit.After spending easily cut "using adult things, yarn remnants, pieces of fabric?combining them.Here it is necessary to follow the principle of children's play with blocks: by combining a small number of products, obtain various versions of ensembles.

For the youngest fashion designers have come up with zhaketiki, pants, overalls, jackets, blouses, which are no different from the "nursery", just more comfortable.This fashion is not accidental.Toddlers do not swaddled, or even carry in a wheelchair wrapped in blankets, their clothes so as not to hamper the movements.

in casual clothes with a number of girls'

dresses decreases every year, which are less versatile than skirts and sundresses.After all, blouse, shirt, sweater can be changed every day, it is convenient and hygienic.And trousers are gradually replacing "girlish" clothing.This is logical.Girls prefer to stroll jacket, not a coat or coats;jacket with pants organically combined.This kit is convenient and practical.

Jackets - the most popular type of clothing for children.Folds, various insert pockets, Drawstring, multicolored lightning give a variety of models.Jackets can be a little below the waist, hips and even close reach almost to his knees.They resemble the clothes of pilots, mountaineers, sailors jackets ... a variety of materials - bright colorful drapes and warm fabrics in a cage, thick, cotton-type denim, corduroy into a large scar, blended and synthetic.Fashionable jacket on a bright colored lining or the lining of artificial fur.For winter fashion offer elongated jackets from a natural or artificial fur.

Coats in children less popular.Designers have considered it.They now offer a new form - "Ball" and "trapezoid".For such products used vivid, saturated color on fabric - light, warm, plastic.

Blazers and jackets moved from adult to children's wardrobe.Because they have lost their "framing" and have become "soft," then they can sew from any fabric - from denim or corduroy, woolen flannel or plaid, of knitted fabric or cloth.In combination with a skirt or trousers with a blouse or shirt, this ensemble can look it casually, then smartly.

Jackets-shirt of warm dense tissue or thin cotton - a new range of children's clothing.They are very convenient.For girls of the same fabric you can sew a skirt, pants, sundress or use a contrasting color fabric.This makes it possible to combine the clothes.

Trousers modern cut easy to sew yourself.They are free-form, comfortable and does not restrict movement.Instead corsage can be "planted" on the two rows of gum: or one wide.For young children are recommended overalls or pants with "breast" on the straps.For children 10-14 years of fashionable pants- "pipes" and pants with high waistline.

skirts this season are very diverse: in the crease, straight jeans, lush with ruffles, pleated skirts, divided skirts ripple.New - skirts, sun dresses, strapless bodice with high and yubki- "ball".These skirts are offered to girls only age 10-12 years, and only with a slender figure."The trick," yubki- "ball" in that it is magnificent, and the lining is much narrower.The lower edge of the skirt is going to gently turned in and sewn to the lining, which is shorter than the skirt by 15-20 centimeters.Again in fashion crochet - sweater or jacket modern direct form with the "Shirt" sleeve.Fashionable designs, big band, "braids", "braid" multi-color jacquard weave with geometric motifs and folklore character.To decorate the blouse can be used fonts such as embroidered or vyvyazat name.The easiest and most popular knitting neckline - "boat".

Fancy baby clothes, as a rule, requires not often - holidays, birthdays ... The boy is quite fresh bright shirts and polished shoes instead of sneakers.With the girls harder.In the elegant clothes they want to be like the heroines of the books, films.Lace, ruffles, white pique collar, petticoat with flounces can transform any casual dresses or sundresses.It is easy to sew and elegant blouse - it is universal and will last longer than the dress.