Dowry for a newborn

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Courtship Care

birth of a child - it's always a great event for the whole family.For it necessarily desired

but prepare in advance for all family members who want to participate in the education of the little man.By the birth of a child should be ready to deal.Here are a few simple guidelines.

1. Do not rush to buy everything.Perhaps some of the things you will be able to give relatives or friends who have already outgrown grudnichkovy age.

2. Ask family or friends to help you with shopping.They will be only too happy.It is always better to give a useful thing than the one that will gather dust on a shelf.

3. Be sure to make a list.However, use it only as a reminder and not to seek to buy all the things at once.

4. When buying clothes, try to pick it 1-2 sizes larger.Never mind that the first time she will sit on your baby a little baggy, but because young children grow very quickly.

5. Do not forget to take into account the time of year in which your child needs to be born.

6. Children's wardrobe should be es

pecially comfortable, and then fashionable and beautiful.We recommend to give preference to clothes made of soft natural fabrics, it does not irritate the skin, it is easy to wash.Do not unimportant to have unitard or panties opened lower part, which is very convenient to change the diaper.

7. Avoid small details: pugovichek, decorative stripes, long belts, ribbons.

8. Check for rough seams: they are strongly rub the skin.

9. Toddlers should always be exactly the right size.If the size is larger, then make sure that the ankle was a stretch fabric that can keep the sock in place.

10. Hygiene Supplies Baby skin care products always buy at the pharmacy.The only way you can avoid counterfeiting and related troubles.

Preference should be given tools that do not contain alcohol, it is very dry skin.If possible, this should be a natural means without chemical additives, colorants, flavors and preservatives.There are a whole series of skin care of the child.

11. Children's furniture and stroller should be safe and practical.Cot not need too high, made of natural material.

12. Refrain from buying things that are not useful to you in the foreseeable future.For example, sophisticated toys for older children.

13. Wait until all the gifts.And only then make an addition to your list, if necessary.

The shopping list includes: Linen:

1) 20 fine and warm diaper;

2) 2-3 and 2-3 blankets cotton blanket cover, choose, depending on the season;

3) 2 cotton blankets for the crib or stroller, winter warm summer and mild;

4) 2-4 cotton linens for cribs, cradles and prams;

5) 2-4 oilcloth lining to protect the cribs, strollers, furniture.

6) 2-3 soft terry towel;

7) 1 terry hooded towel to wrap the baby after bathing;

8) diapers: 20-40 pcs.finished gauze diapers that are washable, and several dozen disposable for publication.


1) 5-10 thin cotton raspashonok;

2) 5-10 warm flannel raspashonok, depending on the time of year;

3) 3-4 panties or diaper wraps, impermeable to moisture;

4) 1-3 caps or bonnets.They should be different: a thin c / b, dressed after a bath, light with a visor for protection against

sun in summer or warm, covering the ears;

5) 3-5 light single cut suits with detachable valve at the bottom, for the spring and summer;

6) 1 warm jumpsuit with attached gloves.

7) 2-3 pairs of shoes or bootees that are difficult to discard;

8) 2-4 is easy to wash bib to protect against regurgitation;

9) 3-6 pairs of warm tights, for the baby, which was born in the fall or winter;

10) a pair of 2-3 x / b tights for the child to be born in the late spring or summer.Toilet:

1) baby soap or bath foam;

2) mild shampoo;

3) baby oil;

4) baby powder or corn starch;

5) ointment for diaper dermatitis, on doctor's advice;

6) wipes for skin treatment after changing diapers;

7) drugs for the treatment of burns;

8) sterile cotton swabs;

9) soft sponge for bathing;

10) a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water while swimming;

11) children's comb for hair;

12) small scissors or nail clippers.

Accessories for nourishment:

1) 1 bottle with dummy for feeding water or in an emergency, if you are feeding only breast;

2) brush for cleaning bottles;

3) 4 glass or plastic bottles with a capacity of 120 grams and a capacity of 10-12 bottles of 240 g with the nipples for artificial feeding;

4), 4-6 bottles for expressing breast milk;

5) nipples for bottles;

6) facilities for making artificial mixture: measuring cup, a large measuring jug, brush for washing bottles and teats, long handle spoon for stirring.Buy only for artificial feeding;

7) sterilizer, if you express milk.Furniture:

1) a cot with a mattress;

2) fencing for cots;

3) changing table, it is desirable;

4) basin for soiled diapers;

5) baby bath;

6) separate closet for children's clothes;

7) chair.For walks:

1) stroller;

2) car seat.There are three types: for babies, universal, and for older children;

3) a device for carrying a child.