Magic on the expertise

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Until recently wrote about the anomalies only with irony: how, they say, miracles can still be at the end of the XX century ?!Telepathy?Quack!Telekinesis?Fraud!Biofield?Fudge!But while imperceptibly puts everything in its place.And it turned out that Joon - no charlatan;the word "psychic" is not dirty;and besides academics who deny everything, there are other academics - to seriously study this kind of phenomena ...

I must say that readers have reacted very sensitively to these changes.Editorial-mail began to bring the letter, in which people talk about their encounters with the "inexplicable", without fearing that they will make fun of.And judging but the number of such letters, the phenomena in our lives are not so rare.

This is an interesting example of our mail.

RR, a kindergarten teacher from the Sumy region, said:

«... I'm flying.This condition occurs in the transition between sleep and waking.He begins to stiffen the body and ears perceive the signals of the same frequency.After that ... I s

tart to climb over the bed.I fly in an apartment.It happens that I have sharply throws from wall to wall, but more smooth flight.Sometimes this condition occurs randomly, sometimes I can call his own.I could describe in more detail, but do you believe me? »

What would you do with the letter?I would have thought that the author of a number of "no-confidence", and forgot to read?But it is not always an easy way out - the most correct.The more that these letters - not one, not two dozen.And some authors literally beg for help: "Tell me, what is it?Who of experts to address? .. »

To whom?There are some scientists.We have already talked about the Committee on the problems of energy-information exchange under the chairmanship of Academician Vladimir AMS Kaznacheeva at the Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies of the Russian Federation.Now Moscow is another organization took up the study;phenomena.This is a state self-supporting enterprise - Center for Scientific and Technical Creativity of Youth "Algorithm".

- Generally at the center of a very wide range of tasks - mechanization, automation and robotization of technological processes, the introduction of laser engineering and technology.But one of the laboratories took up the study of anomalous phenomena, - says head of radio "algorithm" P. Prokopenko.- And, honestly, we did not expect that we will fall a flurry of miracles.A couple of months into the center came about thousands of letters.

planning to conclude agreements with research institutions to work together.Still makes for abnormal events database (for this center is specially bought a computer to the laboratory).There is a generalization of the facts, identifying people with phenomenal abilities and assist them in realizing their potential.

Messages noteworthy are checked thoroughly before you get in our electronic filing.The staff of the laboratory, together with experts developed a system of tests, inspections, allowing to reveal the truth.

- What phenomena is already in your collection?

- people come to us, which can rotate the "look" the arrow of the compass and even heavy objects hanging on a thin thread.One Muscovite showed us "magnetic gas."The cloud of smoke from the burnt wool not only melted in the air, but it thickened into a ball, which was rotated around the magnet swipe.Another visitor, bringing his hands to a closed vessel with water, changed its physical properties.With the help of the instrument, we recorded the change of its acidity ... Before our eyes, the man sped passes hands of clouds in the sky, and the yard "algorithm" fell a sunbeam.As soon stopped the experiment as a "window" in the clouds dragged on, and again began to rain ... These and many other experiments conducted in our laboratory, we have recorded on videotape.

- Do you already have an explanation for these "miracles"?

- Answers will further research, which will join scientists from various fields of knowledge.But they need to provide a thoroughly proven factual material, where each phenomenon meets the main requirement - it should be repeated in the laboratory.

Now is not the time to draw conclusions and generalizations.After all, as, for example, can be explained by this fact?In the center of the building was hidden brand new film from the camera.The man, who was a thousand kilometers away from Moscow, was to light on it is strictly certain frames - the fifth, eighth, tenth, thirteenth and twentieth.Also Prokopenko, no one knew where the cassette with the film was.At the appointed time, he showed the film, and on the agreed frames really was wedge-shaped illumination.The rest remained intact ...

unlikely that this experiment is now possible to give an unambiguous explanation.But it can be repeated, and hence investigate until an answer to the riddle.

- and brings us a strange metal fragment found on the Kola Peninsula.According to those who brought it, it's part of the flying saucer that crashed.Analyses have shown that this is indeed a very special alloy with a structure very similar to the cell of a living organism ... But here it is not necessary to jump to conclusions;

- Every day you come to ten of the phenomena messages.Are they all confirmed?

- No.Some people just think that they have phenomenal abilities.There are just people with mental health issues.There are also a frank deception.For example, one friend has come, he says it can break the look wooden objects, and showed ... an old trick.We are not held: claim that can demonstrate something unusual - in fact prove.Of all those who claimed to be able to disperse the clouds, to demonstrate this phenomenon decided to only one person.But the experience was clearly and convincingly.In short, despite some kazusnye situation, the information supplied to us is extremely interesting.The number of these phenomena is sufficiently large.After all, according to experts, the effect of dowsing after training has 95-100 percent of the people, the art of karate - 30-50, hypnosis - 10-30, telekinesis - 10 percent ...

- Karate you also classifies the phenomena?

- Of course.You've seen the unique images that are shown on Central Television recently?The air is thrown multikilogram huge boulder, but a man "taking" it to benevolent, breaks the stone into pieces ... None of the skull will not sustain such a blow.And muscle training has nothing to do with it.Karate is an art - concentrating bioenergy in any part of the body to work with it on objects.We have reports of unusual places, followed by a "bad name" - something like the Bermuda Triangle, but on land;the "magic" of ointment, which makes visible the sore spots on the human body ...