Death Ray Land , or where you sleep ?

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People healer from Bulgaria Ivan Yotov said: human health depends on where he is sleeping, and the quality of work respectively on the location of the workplace.

By this unusual at first glance, the conclusion he came, surveyed more than 10 thousand people, of which more than half suffered from cancer.It turned out they were all, without exception, were asleep in the "godforsaken" place.

Conclusions Yotov - not news.The fact that there are favorable and harmful to the health space, guess since ancient times.About "cancer houses", where generation after generation of people decimated death, was known in the last century.Then dowsers, checking cursed dwellings using bifurcated twig vines revealed in them, usually deadly zone ...

German scientist Gustav von Pohl one of the first to seriously study this problem.After studies in the homes of 58 people who died of cancer, he concluded that they were all asleep in the ground of a strong terrestrial radiation, ie geopathogenic zones.About the results obtaine

d researcher reported at a medical congress in Munich in 1930.Said report Paul made such a strong impression on the world-famous physicist Max Planck, that he decided to create the Institute for the study of earth rays.

In our country, unfortunately, these institutions do not exist.But there are people who understand the importance of geopathic zones and engaged, despite all kinds of difficulties in their study.So, Doctor of Biological Sciences, a member of the All-Union Committee for the exchange of energy issues in the nature of the Russian Union of Scientific and Engineering Societies biophysicist Alexander Dubrov more than a dozen years conducting research in this area.About them we asked him to tell.

- Alexander, what prompted you to do such an unusual question?After all, as far as I know, they are engaged in unity among your fellow-scientists, and it was mostly on a voluntary basis because of higher administrative and academic circles this problem, frankly, is ignored.

- In 1977, I headed the department in the field of environmental protection in the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Standardization State Standard of the Russian Federation.It was there that I realized for the first time as a truly great influence terrestrial processes per person.Then in the accuracy of their findings was convinced once again, in the Institute of Physics of the Earth, Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation named Schmidt, where he worked as a senior researcher in the Earth's electromagnetic field sector.

- What is it, geopathic zones?

- Translated "geopathogenic" means "land sickness" (geo - earth, pathogen - pathogen).

As you can see, already the word itself speaks of destructive su this phenomenon.

geopathic zone - often a small plot of land on which there is an obscure nature of radiation detrimental effect on all biological objects and, in particular, on the person.Prolonged exposure in these areas leads to various diseases, especially cancer.

Under the direction of Dr. E. Hartmann interesting experiment was carried out in Germany.Some people volunteer for a short time, was placed in a geopathic zone.Their health, as one would expect, there is worse, it quickens the pulse, pressure jumps, began heart arrhythmia.In addition, changed blood chemistry and electrical resistance of the skin.Similar results were observed in their experiments Bulgarian doctor V. Saracheva what was described in the newspaper "Pravda".

In a somewhat different plan led study K. Bachler from Austria, whose job, among other things, funded the Pedagogical Institute of Salzburg.She studied the effect of radiation on the earth's schoolchildren.A survey in 14 countries, 11 thousand people and checking dowsing method 3000 dwellings, the researcher concluded that the success of children in school are highly dependent on the impact of earth rays.Simply put, if the student's desk or table accounts for the harmful zone, the efficiency of its thinking is sharply reduced.

addition, Bachler analyzed 500 cases of cancer and identified a pattern: the patients for a long time were in the areas of disease.With their influence, it is bound not only cancer, but also multiple sclerosis, asthma, arthritis, bronchitis.

- I think "land sickness" affects not only a person.

- Sure.Low yields, poor quality beans may be due to anomalous zones in those cases, of course, where they are larger.

suffer and animals.Latvian scientist M. Ligers led to the observation in the republic after the cows for years.Of the 35 thousand animals, he found 800 patients.Later, it turned out that their disease has developed under the influence of strong pathogenic zones, which were their bullpen.

In general it can be said without exaggeration, geopathic zone affects absolutely everything: faults brickwork breaks pipeline corrosion of pipelines, sewer systems, etc. Even, paradoxically, to a car accident...At the time, I gave a talk at the Institute of traffic safety the Russian Interior Ministry and talked there about the number of places on highways, marked all over the world, where accidents occur all too often, with no apparent reason.The quality of roads, seemingly perfect, but the machine is still facing.When tested dowsers "diabolical" sites, they all fell on the anomalous zones.

By the way, after the lecture, the traffic police themselves pointed out to me a few such places on the roads of Moscow and other cities of the country.

- Where are the places where there are geopathogenic zones, and whether there is a pattern here?

- most strongly they express themselves at the intersection of the water duct or discharge of groundwater, as well as in the field of education caverns, rock faults, at the bottom of dried-up ponds, near the bend of river channels.The floodplain and flooded land to build a house is dangerous: there are these zones are expressed particularly strong.

noticed terrestrial radiation acts vertically and virtually not screened.Therefore pathogenic zone is equally harmful as, say, on the first floor of a skyscraper, and on the latter.

- Is it possible to neutralize the dangerous rays?

- fight over this issue, scientists around the world.Invented already plenty of gears, but they all require the most careful checks.

And in the West German magazine "Space and time» (№ 45, 1990) it was reported that the famous scientist E. Kёrbler from Vienna produced a special type of cover that can, in his opinion, to neutralize the dangerous influence of telluric rays.

- Of course, it's great that there are so unusual covers, but, alas, we have something they still can not see.So let's talk about something more accessible.For example, animals that are unlike human sensitive to geopathic zones.

- Yes, it is believed that the cats feel them and find some way.And they even prefer to be in the negative, unfavorable locations.But dogs are, by contrast, are leaving them.And if the dog is somewhere in the house itself at its option, you should know that the place chosen by it, and favorably for you.The same can be said about the horses, cows.

- Geopathic zones determined by dowsing, and that's what it is, few know, though, and have heard more than once.Explain, please.

- dowsing method is quite simple.There is nothing sverhnauchnogo.It is carried out using a conventional wire frame, with which the operator bypasses an apartment and rotation locates malware zones.

- Alexander Petrovich, judging by the examples given above, the overseas problems geopathic zones paid much attention.How we relate to her official authority in the face of the Ministry of Health, State Construction Committee of the Russian Federation?

- So far, nothing.But I believe that this issue should be solved at the state level.