The fate of the arm

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(Do you want to - believe it or - no)

Subject hobby historian PPGloba - science, to which our contemporaries-materialists are with a certain degree of skepticism and at the same time hard-concealed curiosity ...

- I know,Pavel Pavlovich, that you can be called a magician, and palmistry and astrology, and the predictor.And all this for the uninitiated - a synonym for quackery.But astrology - it ...

- ... philosophical system of knowledge, which gives a person a real opportunity to know yourself and to determine their place in life.In addition, it is the key to spiritual development.

- How long have you studied astrology?

- The interest in this science I probably hereditary.Both parents and the parents of my parents very seriously studied and interested in the occult.From left them enough library of rare books, which he studied with great interest.Among them, in particular, books on Palmistry - the art of predicting the fate piniyam at hand.This is not an invention of malicious rogues, and one of t

he five sciences of ancient doctrine of signatures.

- Astrology to the XV century was a powerful science and, along with other sciences occupied a worthy place in the system of human values ​​...

- All so-called "secret science" came to us from the East, but their roots were united in a completely different civilizations.In ancient times astrologers were universally educated people, reveals his talent in various fields (Hippocrates, Kepler, Kardanus, Campanella).

At the time, each more or less self-respecting person necessarily had with him a staff of all sorts of sorcerers, magicians, wizards and other wizards.

In the Middle Ages, in spite of the Inquisition raged, the occult sciences are preserved and continued to develop.At the same time attempts were made to study them seriously.Interest in the sacraments considerably weakened during the Great French Revolution.

- You said, palmistry - only a part of the science of signatures.There is science?

- doctrine of signatures - prints the fate and destiny of man - seriously for the first time classified the famous physician and alchemist Paracelsus.According to his theory, it includes several sciences: hirologiyu - the doctrine of the human destiny in shape hands physiognomy - the doctrine of human nature on his face, phrenology - the doctrine of the forms of the skull and the inclinations of human nature, morfoskopiyu - the doctrine of lines and wrinkles on the face and body.

- For our contemporaries somehow understandable, perhaps - palmistry - the science of the human hand.Probably because it is associated with fingerprinting ...

- Already it is known that the distribution of different types of patterns on the hand is strictly ordered by different tribes and peoples.According to the classification of the English scientist Francis Galton, there are 4 basic types of papillary pictures - arch, loop, whorl and complex pattern.

Along the lines of the hands of some health professionals today almost accurately determine alcoholism, heart disease, various types of hereditary diseases.

- I've read that some criminals were engaged in skin transplantation hands with other parts of the body, but after some time drawing if taken initial outline?

- That's right, every organism has a certain biological code, is not willing to put up with interference and persistently displays the encoded information.In fact, drawing on his hands - this is the manifestation of biological code.Therefore, it is so peculiar and unique.

- And when did you first read the fate of the hand?

- In 13 years, I knew well palmistry - read a lot, stared at the palm of your friends and acquaintances.And remember this: in a camp, I noticed that the lines on the palm of one girl, defined as the life line, crosses the double cross.According to science, he is a danger of death by water.A year later, I was quite shocked by the news that the girl drowned..

- But it could be just a coincidence?

- It might.But the more I studied astrology, palmistry, and in particular, the more convinced that the drawing hand pa reliably shows inclinations of man, of his characterological features.Well, for example, the nodes on the fingers if they are not caused by disease, indicate a propensity to the exact sciences, and smooth, pointed fingers - on the artistic abilities.

- Still, all that you say, is more like a science fiction ...

- However, in the history, oddly enough, recorded significant cases where a person chiromantists predicted his future.The chronicles preserved mention of the Chaldeans, who predicted the fate of Alexander the Great, Caesar, Hannibal and Octavian Augustus.The famous mathematician and physician of the XV century Kardanus predicted hand fate Queen Mary Tudor and her half-sister Elizabeth, the Queen's "Golden Age."The country's history also had precedents: Filip Alexander Karhgof fortune teller to predict the fate of Pushkin, Lermontov, Baratynsky.

famous Cheyro, who lived in England in the late XX - early XX century, the author of many books on palmistry, foresaw the death of the "Titanic" on the lines of the ship captain's hands and the fate of the writer Oscar Wilde.And finally, in the memoirs of A. Larina about Bukharin mentions that violent death was predicted by Nikolai Ivanovich's hand.

In the book of Hans Freymarka, published in St. Petersburg in 1914, the human hand is compared to a mirror, hiding in their signs information about past and present, hopes and worries about the future."Let each one lives and thinks, so that he could without shame, without fear and fear to look in the mirror of his hand."

- Consequently, the fate is predetermined?

- This question is not answered clearly ancient.According to their teachings, there are rock and predetermine the inherent since the birth of man, but he has the ability to some extent to change their destiny, perfecting himself.The famous astrologer in Golem century AD in his book "Tetrabiblos" Four Books ") wrote:" The stars incline, but not that. "So the art of managing their own destiny, too, depends on the person.

And what would you say about the horoscope and small animals, which we hope to scrutinize every new year?

- usually on the eastern calendar and twelve-year cycle of say with humor, but astrology - not fiction superstitious people, and the amount of knowledge about the cosmos and human relationship.Once astronomers calculated the time of birth to within the Olympic record, to foresee the possibility of every person born.

- I heard you had predicted the fate of Vladimir Vysotsky?

- Anyway, a year before his death, I warned him that next summer will be difficult for him, and it is better to abandon the tour and performances, plenty of rest.I was in my practice, and others no less interesting meetings.So, our writer Julian Semenov Up to date identified a failed attempt to be carried in the dust of the Russian Fedor Chaliapin, to which he had a direct relationship.But I want to stress once again: there is no mystery, and have the knowledge, observation and experience of thousands of years.I studied medieval Latin to read ancient treatises on astrology, later - Greek ...

finish our conversation I want the words of Hans Freymarka: "The Art of reading hand has one goal: to promote human self-knowledge.As of the temple of Delphi, and here the great words inscribed: 'Know thyself.' "