Equipment for the preparation of infant formula

Before buying equipment, consider what method you will use sterilization.At the "end" method, you sterilize bottles after pouring the mixture into them.When "aseptic" method, the mixture is boiled and then poured into sterilized bottles ..

Vials for nourishment. If you know in advance that you will not breastfeed, buy at least nine bottles.From the outset, you will use every day for six to eight bottles and necessarily somewhat broken.If you're going to breastfeed, buy three bottles to drink water or juice the child and occasionally feed mixture.

most popular bottle with a wide neck.Nipple reinforced plastic screw-in lid.When a child does not eat, the nipple is located inside the bottle, and the opening covered with a plastic cap.

There are also bottles with narrow necks.The nipple is worn on the neck.On top put a glass cover or aluminum.

Bottles of heat-resistant glass is more expensive, but they do not burst when rapid heating or cooling.Ultimately, most mothers make sure that they are more econ

omical.They are easily broken at the neck, so you need to handle them carefully.Nevertheless, the majority of mothers believe that buying these bottles more economically.

Plastic bottles do not break if an adult or a child of their damage, but they are not suitable for thermal sterilization, because they lose their shape.

juice and water can be given in usual-ounce bottles, although they are great for this and.Some mothers prefer to achieve your goal stogrammovye bottle.Enough to have three such bottles.

There are also bottles of flexible plastic disposable.They come already sterilized and packaged in plastic.Mothers who use them, very satisfied.

nipples. Buy nipples suitable for bottles that you use: a dozen, if you feed from a bottle, a half-dozen - if feeding.You will need replacement nipples, if you accidentally drop one on the floor, or you'll have to expand the hole.

Silicone Nipples expensive, but not destroyed by boiling and milk fat.

Most enjoys nipples with one or more holes.If the hole is clogged, buy a nipple with a cross hole or make themselves such (see. Section 182).

Caps for bottles and teats, tight.Buy as much and bottles.

bucket, pot or Dutch oven with lid to sterilize bottles, preferably a depth of twenty centimeters in diameter and twenty-five centimeters to accommodate the wire in a special slot at the same time, eight bottles, set vertically.If you have to save, use the four-liter cans, which sell motor oil, and wire the socket fabricate themselves.Vials should not stand directly on the floor;in this case, they may explode when heated.

If terminal sterilization mixture in the bottles, so they must stand upright.

When aseptic technique sterilized empty bottles so that they can lie as you like, as long as the pan was large enough.But it is more convenient, that they stood upright in a wire nest.

vessel for the production of mixtures labeled in milliliters (beaker). enamelled vessel inside the markup in milliliters, is very convenient for the end, and aseptic techniques.When aseptic method in the same container can be prepared and measured milk mixture.At the end the method of the vessel can be glass.

If you do not want to buy a special beaker can use any container, labeled in milliliters.In an extreme case, you can use the bottle to measure, but it is inconvenient.

funnel and strainer. When aseptic technique you filter boiled milk before pouring it on the bottle.You can buy a funnel with built-in filter.

In the final method of milk into bottles moist and does not require filtering.But you still need a funnel, if you are using bottles with narrow necks.

Brush for bottles with narrow necks. If you are using bottles with a wide neck, convenient dishwashing brush.

Other equipment, that you will need to prepare a mixture, do not have to buy special.

table spoon with a long handle for stirring (in aseptic technique handle must not be heated when you stop milk by boiling).

Set dimensional spoons to measure sugar and syrup.

Knife, to flatten the sugar in a measuring spoon (not required if you use the syrup).

Knife for opening cans, if you use concentrated milk.Suitable device for opening cans of beer.