Between Edmond Lokar and Cesare Lombroso

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

I - skeptic.As life experience and conviction.

But I - an idealist.By fingerprint and palm reading.And I'm by nature "incapable of science and commerce."This is evidenced by the absence of the Mount of Mercury on my left hand, which, however, did not prevent me to school to learn spitting, and then, according to the right hand, "to develop a strong mind" (the speed of thought and action, intelligence and ability to assimilate (mound of Mercury)).In short, I - a man who has made himself.Yes, so that (again, as the lines on the hand) was "a deep understanding of the art" without him the slightest inclination!However, is it any wonder if my left hand three (!) Line of life?Yes, even with branches.Not only as the "man with the triple bottomĀ» ...

If it is serious, scientific study of papillary patterns has been going on for over a century.And it's not just to adopt the forensic system in all countries Edmond Locar.Status of internal organs does leave its marks on his hands.And not only on it.The iris of th

e eye that is mentioned in the story of Tatiana Galkina, earlobe, feet ... But pay attention, talking about palmistry, wittingly or unwittingly, the scientist says most still about psychology, not the lines on the hand.A good psychologist can always tell a lot about a person, drawing on information only from his behavior and appearance.The use and not without success, all the professional fortune-teller.The observation they can not refuse.

So I totally deny the existence of such sciences as palmistry?If you see it more clearly how odious theory of Cesare Lombroso, then - yes, I deny.However, I am aware of that ambiguity estimates have led us in due time to the denial as "pseudo-science" not only traditional medicine, and genetics, cybernetics, stalled for many years to the development of thought in many areas of knowledge.We will not discuss the reasons is now another explosion of interest in our country, to mysticism, the occult, and, in particular, to palmistry.And let's not mixed into the unknown for us all things and phenomena of devilry.Agreed that any research in science useful, even when they are negative.And what the result is considered?

search for the philosopher's stone did not give us gold, but laid the foundation for chemistry.A patent offices of many developed countries is once again accept and scrutinize the application of inventors on a perpetual motion machine!Not because there was now doubt as to the correctness of the fundamental laws of nature, but because the search for non-traditional - and clever people realized a long time ago - often it gives unconventional results.Even if not there, where to look first.