Palmistry without miracles

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Palmistry is known to us as one of the most ancient methods of divination - by hand.But there's always been considered so far - a sort of native deceive trusting simpletons.Meanwhile, palmistry has been known in Greece and Rome.Aristotle in his treatises repeatedly talked about the hand in which "not without reason, engraved lines."Mathematician Spurina predicted Julius Caesar of his tragic death, which was fulfilled in the given time.

In the XV century famous scientists Paracelsus and Cardan linked with the principles of astrology palmistry.Astrologers have based his teaching on the influence of the planets on the earth, and all shared the essence of man into seven planetary spheres: Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun, Mercury, Mars and the Moon.

Palmists well accepted astrological doctrine, believed that each of the seven planets corresponds to a certain part of the hand on which "recognized" good and bad qualities of man, which depends on this planet.And the claim that "palmar characters represent a natura

l biography of the man, which reflected the impact of each planet."

ridiculous, naive?Maybe, but do not rush to conclusions.Our interlocutor - the Institute of Psychology, Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation, PhD Tatiana Galkina.

- Tatiana, do you think the lines on the palm-brow action may learn something about yourself?

- Yes, and quite a few.Now it is recognized even many physicians.And along with the diagnosis by the eye shell focuses on diagnostics "on the hands."And this is the first step to the recognition that human organs leave their objects on hand.It is only necessary to be able to read.

- But as far as I know, chiromantists aspire for more.Predicting the future, for example.

- If you do not mind, I will start my story from afar.The first time I wondered gypsy's arm in a small hamlet in the south.Naturally, she saw me for the first time, nothing about my past could not know, but told me: I was born, what diseases ill as a child, and I predicted two years serious shock in life.The prediction came true.

And since then, I became interested in palmistry, reading relevant books.And later, when enrolled in the Faculty of Psychology, she became involved in scientific work;I spent testing various pairs: family, lovers, friends, girlfriends, siblings, and in parallel with that looked at people's hands.

The first thing that struck me - a specific agreement between the results of testing with a combination treatment of individual lines on the palms, which are given in palmistry.

known that temperamentally people are divided into four types.Melancholic - neurotic character warehouse plus introversion - that there is a certain reticence, isolation.Choleric - neurotic warehouse plus extraversion.That - more open, sociable people.Phlegmatic - emotionally stable introvert.Finally, the fourth type - sanguine.Too emotionally stable, but extroverts.

Thus, knowing the location of the line patterns on the hand and especially you, studying your hand, you can roughly determine what your temperament.Most dotted line of love, which is located under the index finger) have choleric - this is the most addicting nature.This is followed by sanguine - they line too often crossed out wrinkles, but still she is not broken, choleric.A very clear line, almost solid - belongs phlegmatic.

I also remember: in the happy couples and lovers love the line on his hands, as it were complementary to each other: if one line is not enough, then the other they are.

But friends, friends who communicate "on an equal footing", this figure is very similar to the palm of your hand.

- What can give us this information?

- Firstly, it can be used as a tool for the selection of couples in dating services.Second, predict the development of relationships, for example in the family in particular, found in the help of tests, it is best to live together in marriage choleric and sanguine with phlegmatic (plus choleric, phlegmatic, sanguine, phlegmatic plus).

Not bad, but very rapidly with live choleric choleric.Sanguine with sanguine get along fine, but a choleric melancholic - it does not matter.

general melancholic - the "hard" type, it is usually difficult with everyone.

- What do the poor melancholic?

- You must try to gradually turn into phlegmatic - that is trying to acquire emotional.stability by getting rid of excessive neuroticism.

- Is it possible?

- Basically, yes.Since congenital considered only introversion and extraversion and neuroticism and emotional stability are subject to change throughout life.

way, observing several years of happy married couples, I noticed that the lines of love from them over the years, leveled, are very similar to each other.This also applies to a number of other lines.

- Tatiana, and fair to the view that if the line of love comes to the index finger, the people are very jealous?

- almost always found confirmation of this.But it is necessary to distinguish, on a hand line.After all, the left is considered to be "genotypic", that is, it reflects the innate qualities and the right - "phenotype map" acquired properties.

If on the left hand line of love comes to pointing the finger, there is little that can be changed, and if on the right - you have a chance to improve.

The same "situation", for example, and with Venus ring.If on the left hand ring clearer than on the right, then you can be in life is much more charming and attractive, but it is bad using their natural gifts.

- If possible, a few words about the life line ...

- Here it is necessary to note two main points.First.If the life line is you have a short, first of all - do not panic.Threat means only in certain intersection point of the three main lines.

second.Even if they are fatally intersect at one point on the right hand, carefully look at the left: maybe there is a different situation.In this case, you just need more care of their health, in time to see a doctor.

- And they say, there are two lines of life for some people.What does it mean?

- As far as I was able to observe only that the person was born before the "due date» ...

- A line of mind, in other words Martian (passes between the line of life (Venus) and the hill of Jupiter)?

- She, too, to a certain extent reflects the intellectual development of man.And then again, it does not stop to compare the outlines of the right and left hands: as you develop your mental capacity, if you have the opportunity to improve in this area.

- You did not say anything about one of the most interesting lines - fate ...

- You know, it is so complex and different from all that in order to make any conclusions, you should carry a special study, and forat least 15-20 years.

I have such a possibility, of course, it was not.

Anyway, what I told you, it's not even the basics, and the basics of the beginning.In my opinion, palmistry deserves more attention and serious attitude ...