Bed dress

Waterproof sheets of plastic or rubber oilcloth. most popular oilcloth covered with flannel on both sides.They are held in place and does not slide off the sheets with them.And baby nicer if it concerns them.Because the flannel cover allows air to circulate beneath the body, does not need an additional litter diapers, and it saves a lot of time in the wash.However, in hot weather require extra diaper.Oil cloths should be washed (it is well washed in the machine) on a daily basis, if the urine gets on it, so you will need two of these.

oilcloth must be large enough that it can be tuck under the mattress.Otherwise, the urine will sometimes fall on him.Waterproof cover some modern mattresses are not enough to protect them.Sooner or later it will be absorbed in the urine and the room will be a heavy smell.

more square pieces of oilcloth will save a lot of time in the wash.One such oilcloth put the child under your hips.If the child stays in one place, such a mat will protect the sheet.Another oilcloth mo

ther can lay his knees.

If you are using a simple oilcloth (without flannel), you need to cover it with a cotton diaper.The diaper will absorb moisture and allow air to circulate beneath the body, otherwise the skin becomes moist and overheated.The number of such diapers depends on the washing frequency, whether the child is urinating frequently and if he often vomits.You will need at least three, and preferably six of the cradle.

you need three to six sheets.If the first time you use a small crib, as a sheet, you can use diapers.For larger beds better to take the knit cotton linens.They are easier to wash, they quickly dry, straighten, without ironing, and do not stick to the body when wet.

number of blankets depending on climate and season.It is better to have a light blanket (most suitable knitted shawls, followed by a light flannel), because they are tight to the body, and their number is easier to vary depending on the temperature.wool or synthetic blankets to cover was not too heavy is better suited for cold climates.Flannelette diapers are not mandatory, but they are comfortable, if a child throws off the blanket, or if he feels himself well only tightly zapelenutym.