" Whole hand "

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

This treatment is known to us more on literature than the daily practice of communicating with each other.The situation is different in Romania.

I stand waiting for their turn at the petrol station.In front of me the driver of the fuel tank screw cap and says goodbye to the girl in the blue original form: "I kiss his hand."In this case, the phrase just replace our "goodbye", but it sounds warmer.More than once I asked Romanians, what is the difference of the traditional "good-bye" from the "whole hand", and I answered the last as usual, as the first, and is to him the same rights, but expressed yet, and respect for the men towoman.

Okay, I think.Respect for a woman - it's fine.In some European countries, not only to say "kiss", but also to touch his lips to the woman's hand at meeting and parting is considered usual sign of good breeding, often even when we first met.Romania - one of those countries.

¬ękiss his hand" (or "whole hand") to hear magazinax and cafes, museums and clinics.Similarly, on the p

hone.And it is not just goodbye, but instead our hello.

Another expression, widespread among Romanians "with pleasure".Especially nice it is "cut" Muscovite ear, refer to the Bucharest service sector.In Romania too often by saying "thank you", you will hear "with pleasure".Of course, words can pierce in different ways.And the telephone international telephone services in the tense minutes of work necessarily with the warmth in his voice notify the pleasure that it brought its purchase negotiations.However - notified.

Sooner or later the newspaperman tread down the soles of his shoes.And then it turns into a large shoe store.

Seller sequentially, without any fuss, but also without the indifference serving customers in the queue, and finally pays attention to me."What do you want?- Here's this couple, please ... "Having tried several models, please write a check.I come back from the cashier, get a box and get: "With all due respect," - responds with dignity host counter.And then, he must be understood, where smiled and said in Russian: "Goodbye."

Of course, it is not necessary to assume that everywhere and always be among the people so warm, or at least a short relationship, which is written here.Things happen.But this "all" does not dominate, does not cause annoyance, because our well-known inhabitants of the capital.