clothes for baby

most comfortable knit nightdresses.They are practical and require ironing.If the shirt is long, the child is more difficult to lose the blanket.You will need three to six pieces.Buy directly on the year-old child.

Today undershirts do without buttons and laces, it's more convenient.For most children, which contain in a warm room, it is best suited cotton undershirts.If a child is thin and weak, or if he is being held in a cold house, it is better to take the wool or flannel.I would suggest that in this case the baby's undershirt with long sleeves, if the child needs to cover, the hand is also in need.You will need three to six raspashonok size on the year-old child.

diaper is best suited gauze and a soft cotton cloth.Gauze diapers dry faster, but when the child grows up, they do not hold a sufficient amount of urine.If you wash them daily and become not be used instead of sheets and towels in Vol. N., You have enough of the two dozen.Six dozen cover all conceivable needs.Prepare a large diaper.If

you live in a city where there is a special service for washing diapers, you'll probably want to use the help, if you can afford it.This saves energy, time and place to dry.This service provides diapers, wipes them and iron.

sweaters and sleeping bags. better to take one size larger than the smaller.Pullovers We should be opening large enough for the head, so you do not have to forcibly pull on the child, and pulling off his sweater.The best way a sweater with a zip on the shoulder.

Other Clothes. needed knitted caps for outdoor activities in this weather, when adults put on a coat, or to sleep in a cold room.such caps are not needed for warm weather, besides their children usually do not like.You do not need any shoes or socks, unless you drop your child on the cold floor.Fancy clothes make beautiful baby, but no use of it, some inconvenience and trouble and the child and mother.