Different varieties of sugar

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

doctor will prescribe sugar, which considers the best for your child (or indicate that you need to do without sugar).The following are the usual varieties of sugar.

Average sugar most often used in the preparation of the mixture, because it is cheap, available and gives good results.Since the sugar is well cleaned, it does not cause diarrhea, if the child has this tendency.The greatest amount of sugar in the mix for a day - two to three tablespoons.

Brown cane sugar - sugar is unrefined.It is useful if the child is too dry and hard stools.A tablespoon of brown sugar has the same nutritional value as the tablespoon peeled.

Corn syrup is also often used for the preparation of infant formula.It consists of a mixture of sugars with dextrin.Dextrin - a cross between a sugar and starch.In the intestine it is converted into sugar gradually, so that the intestine is simultaneously less sugar, because of which gases are formed.Therefore dextrin recommended for children whose formed many gases or which h

ave a predisposition to diarrhea.But corn syrup can be given and children with good digestion.It's cheap.You need to use the same amount as that of sugar.The maximum for the mixture for a day - two to three tablespoons.Usually, if there is a tendency to constipation, use a light syrup.Dark Syrup is less refined and therefore acts as a mild laxative.

mixture of dextrin with maltose (malt sugar) similar to corn syrup is not only liquid and powder, and it is expensive.In a tablespoon contains half the calories than a tablespoon of sugar.Therefore, if you are using a mixture of dextrin maltose, take two tablespoons instead of one by the usual prescription.The maximum amount of the mix for a day - from 4 to 6 tablespoons.

Lactose (milk sugar) contained in human and cow's milk.It is good for infant formula, but the road.It takes one and a half tablespoons of lactose instead of one spoon of sugar.