Children are born drunk

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

This is the conclusion US doctors and Mexico.

child emerges from the womb, and the room where they take delivery, filled with the smell of alcohol ....Doctors look at each other in bewilderment.No, they are on duty would never drink even a sip of beer.Woman in labor?Excluded.Newborn?After a few minutes the confused doctors are forced to admit that it is the smell of fume coming from the child.

This scene, described by a reporter of the local newspaper "Excelsior" - a sad reality.Out of every thousand of Mexican newborns are 25 so-called germinal alcohol syndrome (ASDs).Here, as in our country, There is still, unfortunately, the opinion that a glass of wine can not cause any harm to a pregnant woman.

This view, according to an American expert Kenneth Lyons Jones, - a fatal error.Being one of the pioneers in research on the problem of ASDs, he came to the conclusion that even one glass of alcoholic beverage, drunk mother, can cause this syndrome in the newborn.

about how dangerous it is, says the Mexic

an psychiatrist Salvador Gansales "SAR - is a serious problem, which is still in our country get round.It ZAS is the culprit in 32 of 100 cases associated with significant mental retardation in children under five years.The consequences of this gap can affect the whole life. "

mechanism of ASDs easy.Any amount of alcohol consumed by women during pregnancy, gets through the blood vessels in the embryo and immediately leads him into a state of intoxication."You would have thought - ask physicians for future mothers - pour in the wine and brandy pacifier or give your newborn?So why did you give him a pacifier before birth?After all, exactly the same effect. "In this case, it's not just for pregnant women but also for nursing mothers.According to experts, it is necessary to resolutely fight the people entrenched in the minds of myths such as the fact that "the consumption of beer in the mother's milk will be more."

in Mexico in recent years, growing addiction to alcohol by the "weaker sex".According to the local Institute of Psychiatry, only a quarter of the female population avoids it.At the same time, women tend to drink in secret, making it difficult to work for their deliverance from evil.

situation is no better, and in the USA, where the number of children with ASDs growing uncontrollably.The situation, according to experts, can be corrected, if properly put awareness, preventive work.While we are talking about the introduction of the United States federal law that would require that in the advertising of all alcoholic beverages contain a special warning about the harm they can cause expectant mothers.