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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

What is infant formula. Nothing mysterious is not in the mixture.This is really a mixture of cow's milk, water and sugar.(Sometimes, the doctor does not recommend adding sugar.) The water and sugar are added to the mixture composition more like mother's milk.It is possible to use and concentrated, pasteurized and whole and powdered milk.Each type has its own advantages.Use different varieties of sugar.Usually this sugar, corn sugar, cane sugar and a mixture of dextrin with maltose.

thrive on milk, not only children, but also bacteria - which is why you need to very carefully and sterilized milk, and dishes.If you have prepared a mixture of Tuesday and got there a few bacteria to the environment where the child will eat, the bacteria multiply incredibly, especially if the mixture has not been in the refrigerator.Boil the mixture makes it also easier to digest.

doctor will show you how to use the milk, taking into account the child's needs and the availability of milk.Next to the general information li

sts the most commonly used types of milk.

Concentrated milk. Concentrated milk is stored in cans, it is removed from about half of the water.(Do not mix with condensed milk in which a very high percentage of sugar and is not suitable for babies.) There are several advantages of concentrated milk.He has already been thoroughly sterilized during the cooking process, so when you open the jar, there are no bacteria.In most areas it is cheaper than fresh.In unopened jar can be stored indefinitely without refrigeration.It is the same wherever you bought it either, therefore the child, if you carry it, do not need to get used to another milk.It is a little easier to digest than fresh, and less likely to cause allergic diathesis type.

When enumerate all these advantages, the students begin to think, why should someone uses fresh milk.In general, it is a matter of habit and taste.Some older children and many adults, those who are accustomed to the fresh milk, not like the taste of condensed milk.But babies love it, and they rarely oppose it.There is no reason why children do not drink the concentrated milk for a few years

Since the concentrated milk is twice as nutritious fresh, it is always diluted with an equal amount of water.In our country, to the concentrated milk is added vitamin D.

There are many varieties of concentrated milk.All about the same composition.You can not worry if you have to move from one grade to another.

Modified concentrated and powdered milk.Several varieties of concentrated and powdered milk with specific brand names are modified so as to be closer in composition to human milk, and now many doctors usually recommend just such milk.In all of these sorts of added sugar (so that mothers do not have to do), and in some reduced amount of protein :.These varieties should be used on the advice of a doctor and breeding in accordance with the instructions.

Pasteurized milk.If you are going to prepare the child the mixture of concentrated and fresh milk, it is desirable that it has been pasteurized.When pasteurizing milk before bottling heated to killing bacteria.

homogenized milk - milk is pasteurized, in which fat droplets are broken down into very small pieces;milk is easier to digest.Cream not float on the surface, and remain blended with milk.Homogenized milk is good for those children who are struggling to learn the normal milk.It is less foams, and it is very useful if you often clog the nipple.

Pasteurized milk with vitamin D is available in some areas.

Raw milk - not pasteurized.This milk straight from the cow.It should be boiled for five minutes, not only for babies, but also for children of any age.

Boiling kills bacteria that cause dysentery, sore throat, tuberculosis and other infections.Raw milk from cows Guernsey and dzhernsiyskoy rocks contain more fat than ordinary commercial milk, and can upset the child's stomach.If you have moved to the village and there is buying a very fat milk, it is necessary to remove from it the cream to make it look like an ordinary commercially available.

Whole milk - an expression which is used in speaking of the preparation of the mixture.This means that in normal milk fat is distributed.To obtain the whole milk should be shaken with pasteurized milk bottle if it is not homogenized, to blend with the rest of the cream of milk.This is done before preparing the mixture.If you leave the cream on top, and only use the top of the bottle, it will be too oily mixture.On the other hand, if you use milk from a bottle, from which the cream has been removed, the mixture will not sufficiently nourishing.Homogenized milk shake is not necessary, because it is not formed cream.

semi-skimmed milk, which removed part of the cream, is recommended by some doctors for feeding premature babies, as long as they do not reach two and a half kilograms of weight, because this milk is easier to digest ( skim milk , from which removed allcream, too dense nutrient-poor feeding premature infants).

Banks with semi-skimmed milk powder can be bought in a store or a pharmacy.Most varieties of milk powder is diluted to 60 grams of water per tablespoon (without top), milk powder (check the label).

Some dairy farms sell semi-skimmed pasteurized milk in bottles.Or you can buy pasteurized whole milk and half cream to remove the special spoon (round measuring spoon, a cup of which is at right angles to the handle).

Skim milk (for those suffering from diarrhea). Skim milk or diluted in half skim milk is often prescribed to patients with diarrhea, because the milk, which is not cream, it is easier to digest.

Skim milk powder can be purchased at banks in the store or pharmacy.Most of the varieties cultivated in the ratio of 60 grams of water per one tablespoon spoonful of powder (check the label).Some farms sell pasteurized skim milk.

When dilute skimmed milk powder for the baby, the patient with diarrhea, use only half the amount of powder, one tablespoon per 120 g of water.

Powder milk. Whole milk powder is useful if you are traveling with a baby or find yourself in a place where there is a concentrated or pure fresh milk.You can take with a large margin, and it will not weigh much.It is more concentrated and fresh milk.Its bred by mixing one tablespoon of powder spoon with 60 g of water.If your child needs a mixture of 300 grams of concentrated milk, 600 g of pods and two tablespoons of sugar, you take 10 tablespoons of milk powder, mix them!) 00 g of water and two tablespoons of sugar.

Boil the required quantity of water and dissolve the sugar in it.When the water has cooled to body temperature, pour milk powder and stir with a fork or whisk sterilized egg.

after the bank opened, powdered milk should be kept in the refrigerator.

We talked about powdered whole milk.There are other varieties of milk powder in which the proportion changed.only under medical supervision can be used Such varieties of milk.

Sour. Sour - is sour milk.Ee may be prepared in two ways.On a commercial farm or in a hospital in pasteurized milk placed special microorganisms.These microorganisms produce lactic acid from which the sour milk.Another method

- Chemical additive lactic acid in the concentrated milk or pasteurized.This can be done at home.

Some children learn sour milk more easily than usual.Doctors often prescribe it for children with abdominal pain, or those who frequently vomit, or have a tendency to diarrhea.Some doctors prescribe it at all for all children.It inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria and therefore safer fresh.The ratio of milk, water and sugar are the same as in the preparation of a conventional mixture.

Making yoghurt somewhat difficult at home.Needed three essential conditions: must be well cooled milk and water to oxidize the milk very gradually and then do not overheat the milk after oxidation.Boil milk separately, cool and refrigerate.In another saucepan, boil water with sugar, too cool and refrigerate.Then add one teaspoon of lactic acid to water with sugar.(The total amount of the mixture of 700 to 900 g If the mixture is less, use proportionally smaller quantities.) Now, very slowly pour the water from the acid in the milk, stirring constantly while.If someone helps you, add water and stir whisk egg at a time.You need to ensure that the acid is not going in a certain part of the milk, because of this major form hard lumps which will not pass through the nipple.That's why you first add the acid to the water, so that it is readily soluble before the fall in milk.If your recipe mixture consists only of milk with sugar, without water, I would still lactic acid dissolved in 30-60 g of water before adding to the milk.

When you warm the bottle of sour milk for the baby, do not do it quickly and do not lead to a high temperature .: warmed in a pan of warm water.If you have prepared properly sour, lumps are small and pass through the hole normal nipples.If necessary, widen the hole.

In big cities you can buy ready-made yogurt.Usually it is more expensive than milk.At the pharmacy you can buy it in powder form.To use in the preparation of the powder mixture, add, as usual, the water and milk.

Artificial milk for children who are allergic to regular milk, made from products such as soy flour and sugar.Need for such milk nipple with a large opening.