Cross or not cross?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

«I was born grandson.I suggested

For many years we have tried to find a worthy replacement for traditional holidays and celebrations.But it turned out that the Komsomol wedding could not overshadow the wedding ceremony.Celebration of the New Year is inextricably linked with Christmas.And at Easter, to be honest, we continue to paint eggs.That baptism is no longer a rarity.What attracts people to the church?

At noon, go down the street and Nejdanova enter the golden-domed church, strange holiday among the faceless gray hulks of houses, rises to her.The lateral limits are people with children in their arms.The sacrament of baptism is hidden from prying eyes.It smells of incense.Crackling candles.The sorrowful faces of the saints look down on us, forcing imbued with the significance of the upcoming event.He performs the ritual of a young priest, Father Artemy, who, despite his age, has taught at the Theological Academy.After the ceremony I went up to the parents with the question: "Why did you decide

to baptize their child," Not one of them dares to introduce themselves, and to speak are reluctant, as alive, apparently in fear of the people, that this koewhere notified.I want to make a reservation today at baptism no passport data required.

So why are they here?One kid brought secretly into the church grandmother who sincerely believes that a guardian angel will take care of grandchildren.Two pairs of young people listened to the advice of their parents.Young mother pursues the goal of "health": sorceress refused to start talking unbaptized child.Two girls want to join the Christian religion - "the bearer of eternal wisdom."Shy Man eighteen led to the church's mother, who lost her eldest son, who was killed in Afghanistan, and hopes that the baptism will be saved from the evils younger.The young couple explained their decision as follows: "All the baptized now.So we thought, maybe this really is something there. "The bearded man, holding in her arms her son, whispered: "Here on the child praying, and not on the passport!" The young woman said that fed up with her "herd events" with paper flags that she wants to ever go home not footsore andwith a relaxed mind.

In short, these people did not come here for the sake of curiosity, and not under duress.But of all those surveyed, not one who took this step deliberately, to the end of realizing the true meaning of the sacrament of baptism.

I asked my father Artemy tell about the meaning and content of the rite of baptism:

- Baptism - one of the seven sacraments.It helps a person connect with God, to feel like a true Christian.Rite moral content of doubt.Adult man after baptism becomes clearer and enlightenment.A baby trying to instruct on the right path his parents professing Christian morality.The ceremony is full of deep meaning.Every detail in it - is significant.And white robes?It is not just a uniform.White symbolizes purity, truth, innocence.But, unfortunately, today we are not always able to strictly follow the canons of the ritual.The reasons are many.And one of them is that some people turn to tseryuzi not in search of spiritual life and calm, and follow fads, not trying to understand the depth of the centuries-old wisdom, thus depriving themselves of the divine grace.In this there is a wine priests themselves.I have often witnessed how the simplified and sometimes distorted baptism, belittled its importance.The priest is responsible for the souls who came to his people.He is a bad doctor who is not compassionate patient.And the priest, who does his job technically, can not be a spiritual pastor and spiritual healer.What he can teach?After all, the teacher is not the only one who teaches, but mostly the one who learn.

our report can not claim to be exhaustive.And not pursued this goal we are publishing it.The main thing that interested us - the viability of church rituals and the spiritual sources that nourish their own.No restrictions, no persecution could not destroy them or to distort.Why are we brought up in times of militant atheism, once again enter into the temple, watching with interest what is happening?Or maybe we're running from senseless civil ceremonies that have not been able to replace our festivals and celebrations, polished over the centuries?

lot of questions.But if the church can become a viable alternative to the cold officialdom?After all, a lot of holidays, rooted in religion, has long become popular.Colinda in the Carpathian villages - an indispensable attribute of the New Year holidays.Seeing the Russian winter in some villages in Kostroma today resemble those captured Kustodiev on his canvases.Traditional carnival on Volo-famous godchine mandatory campaign "to his mother on pancakes" and sledding.And as noted by the "Feast" in the Kursk region, famous for its Antonovka!A famous Bashkir Sabantuy!A magnificent festival on the Lithuanian Rambynas Hill!Countless days of traditional folk entertainment.

There canonical festivals that marked almost the same everywhere.But there are also many that are associated with a specific place, like Sorochinskoi fair in Mirgorod or "zimostoyu" in Pavlovsk, which showcases the famous ice battle fighting geese.