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August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

Love and respect for the eldest in the family - a test of honor.Let's not rush with confidence that we have nothing to reproach myself here.This we are currently not on callousness, not of cruelty, when the children, for example, condemn parents for solitude, refused financial support, or try to arrange to a nursing home, convincing ourselves and others that there it would be better, forgetting the "smallness"older people themselves have to dispose of their own destiny.Let's talk about things completely normal."Our elders well, quietly - often find children who live with roditelyami.- I recently got a new apartment, it was free ...»

cases there is moving, construction on the new home.Houses in the village are now becoming not what first - one room, half of which occupied the oven - large, spacious.Here and children's and parents' bedroom, and living room, where the family gathers in the evening.And where my grandmother will live?Here, in the common room."Is it bad?Spacious, light a lot of ... »

our mothers, grandmothers always good if it is good to us.For we have lived.Growing up in the difficult postwar years.Feed was not easy, even harder to wear, to put on, and they care about is that we have learned, continue their stepped in life.Of course, the state provides the opportunity to learn, but also parents, we owe much of their education, they pulled us, sometimes working beyond measure, giving us all.And we are now a no-no and even allow ourselves: "You do not know.""You do not understand."

They are now concerned about our business.With interest ask, looking into his eyes: "How are you at work?" And they have no greater joy than our successes, our material prosperity.Shoulders the load of business cares, having gone to a pension, almost all the house take on.Nurse grandchildren, even at night, get up to them: Let my daughter sleeps, her tomorrow working day."Let the young adults are working, let continue to learn, let them go to rest at the resort - it is more important.And we, the elderly, there are many you need? "- A common philosophy.But are we entitled to take se?Here, perhaps, not only dedication, but also a kind of self-defense: do not need much - you will not suffer from the least.

In fact, the elderly should be a lot more than us.Health leases often become unwell.There were sudden unexplained mood swings, many piercings.What can you do - age.And peace is needed, and the rest, and attention.So, they first need their own room and the house, not to worry, that someone is in the way, so that we can lie down whenever they want.

And then every man for long life cluttered with things that way.Young easily change everything in the house, rebuild, update, hurry fashion.Older higher value on something that used to.In this rather than old-fashioned flavors - a special wisdom.Things which adapted, make life easier.But to hear: "I can not get out of the house Babkino junk.What a stubborn old man!I say, we'll buy new furniture.No, hold on to your chest.Before people ashamed."I am ashamed to be in the house of the things that do not meet the current concepts of" decent "life, not to respect the peace of a loved one somehow not ashamed ...»

often hear: "How do they spoil the grandchildren!We somehow did not let down, and their pet, just that - stand breast to defense.Lawyers! "Is it bad when the little man has a quarterback?Is not it is objectively helps to understand the offense, go to the offending not only a measure of rigor, but also with a measure of goodness?Of course, on one condition: to children should not attend the discussions.

Parental love and the love of grandparents are somewhat different in nature.They dissolve in the grandchildren, are recklessly.But how much it gives them reckless kindness, combined with demanding parents!

Someone here might notice: not all old people to live easily, it happens that ... It happens.People are all different at any age.And not everything, of course, carried out of the past years kindness, wisdom, some - grouchiness, resentment.From every detail can grow conflict.And with good character of old age - no joy.Grandma can repeatedly tell the same thing several times about the same to ask.And we are irritated, used to see in the parents support, rely on their understanding and tolerance.But now we are stronger - changed places with them and be tolerant.Changed family.Adult children no longer live under the dictation of his father or mother.It is right.But how well the house when the main there are older when they are surrounded by special care, respect.They do not forget to consult.They are aware of all cases of children and grandchildren, and this life is not lost their former meaning and fullness.They know what and why care about young people, are sensitive to their tastes.From them, you will not hear grumbling: "Here we are, in the days of our youth ..." They are still young.Is not it better to pay the debts - such family relationships?

words "respectable" (advanced age), "honor" - from the same root.Sensitivity and attention to the elderly, and we currently provide a peaceful old age.Let us think:

Not too many household chores with his grandmother?if we do not take care of it for granted?Whether a "thank you" is not forgotten?We do not go down to the comments: "I told you, it is not so!How many times to repeat "If see myself at this point on the part of ...

known old men like to remember - a natural need.But if we listen to them?We are able to hear there?Do not cut off in mid-sentence?And it is interesting to know everything about relatives, about the pedigree, from which we "have gone."

way we buy gifts to our elderly?Something simpler, impractical?But, maybe the grandmother more than the traditional slippers, will appreciate a beautiful silk blouse?Hide, do not wear?Unknown.But do not fail to boast to all: "Just look what I got!As if I was young ... »

Do you often pleases their elderly parents letters, if they do not live with you?The family believed that grandfather loves to go to the doctor.But did you ever bother to talk to the doctor, whom he constantly attends?Try whether to bring in children respect for the elderly?Remind whether son or daughter that lives in the neighborhood and lonely old woman would be nice, going to the store to look for her, to ask her if it is not necessary to buy something?