August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Weaning is important not only for the child but also for the mother, and not only physically, but also emotionally.Mother, attaches great importance to breastfeeding, after the cease-feed, may be depressed - as if lost proximity to a child or become less necessary to him.This is an additional reason why weaning should be done as a more gradual as possible.

How to wean when in little mother's milk. When the mother a little milk, take the baby from the breast easily.Usually there is no need to bandage the chest or reduce the intake of liquids.Mother simply ceases to give the baby to the breast, and waits.If the chest overflows and causes discomfort, it is possible to feed for 15-30 seconds.This will remove the tension, but does not stimulate breast.If the chest is filled again, you can repeat the procedure.If a mother produces an average amount of milk to take away the child's chest should be more gradual.But still there is no need to bandage the chest or restrict the amount of liquid.Try to skip ever

y other feeding.If a day or two chest overflows, stop all regular feeding, but if you are experiencing discomfort from time to time apply to the child's chest.

Emergency withdrawal from chest (if it is impossible to consult with your doctor).You may need to urgently take the child from the breast, for example, if you are seriously ill or need to get out of town on urgent business.(Because of the mild or moderate disease usually the mother take the child from the breast is not necessary. This issue should be solved by the doctor.) One method is to limit your fluid intake for the mother, together with tight bandage on his chest and by applying bags of ice.It is very unpleasant procedure.It is best to empty the breast, when it is full, either manually or using a breast pump.If you advise your doctor may prescribe it for a few days special injections that reduce the production of milk.

gradual transition from breast to cup at the end of the first year. If a mother produces a lot of milk, how long to breastfeed her?It is best and naturally as long as the baby is ready to go to the cup.different children it occurs at different ages.Most children who are breastfed, are ready for taking away at the age of between seven and ten months.(In contrast, children who suckle artificially and who do not want to give up the bottle and after the first year of life.)

bad start to offer milk in a cup from the age of five months, so that the child is accustomed to not having to show stubbornness.By 6 months accustom him to keep your own cup.Then, somewhere in the second half of the first year, usually between 7 and 10 months, you will notice that the child is less likely to breastfeed.And feeding periods are becoming shorter.If, moreover, it is already well drinks from a cup, it can be concluded that it is ready for weaning.Now offers him a cup during all feeding and increase the amount of milk in it, if he agrees to drink, but continue to the end of food to feed his chest.Then skip the breastfeeding, when it seems least interested, limited only by the cup.This is usually breakfast or afternoon feeding.A week later, when the child has no objection, cancel another breast-feeding, and a week later - the last one.Do not rush the child.He is not yet ready to give up breastfeeding forever.Sometimes, because of illness or the appearance of the teeth he wants to go back to the old fashion.This is quite natural, and can not be afraid to meet him.If you recall, what an incredible pleasure brought him breastfeeding immediately after birth, you will understand why he wants to return to it when life begins to look bleak.It is better, if at the time of weaning, there is no other significant changes in the child's life (such as moving to another home or attempting to accustom him to the pot).

If withdrawal occurs gradually, usually problems with the mother's breast is not there.However, if the breast is always very full, the mother needs time to feed the baby for 15-30 seconds from time to time to relieve the tension.Do not feed five minutes - it is too strongly stimulates the breast.

Sometimes the mother is afraid to give up breastfeeding because the baby is drinking from the cup of milk is less than the chest.So you can endlessly drag out the seizure.I would have to stop breast-feeding if the baby is drinking from a cup on average 120 grams at a time, or 350-500 g per day.After his stop giving breast, gradually increase the amount of milk drunk half a liter or more.This is quite enough, because by this time he will receive other foods.

I think it is preferable to take the baby from the breast to a year, if he is ready for that.After a year of the child rarely requires chest, and if required, then go to sleep, or for some other reason.If you continue to breastfeed him when he was not in need, the child produces excessive dependence on the mother.

gradual transition to artificial feeding in the first six months. Many mothers can not or do not want to breastfeed, when he is ready to transition to the cup.For example when milk is small.The child is crying from hunger and not gain weight.This hungry child seldom stubborn, when he was transferred to artificial feeding.transfer rate depends on how much milk of the mother.

If you find that you quickly decrease the amount of milk and the baby is hungry, and you consult with the doctor can not cook the mixture.Let's bottle at each feeding after breast, and let them drink as much as he wants.Skip breastfeeding at 6 pm.Two days later, cancel and feeding at 10am.Next stop breast feeding every two or three days in the following order: 2 am, 10 pm and 6 am.(If the amount of milk the mother decreases very gradually, and the child does not show displeasure, better go to the artificial feeding gradually as indicated in the following paragraph.)

assume that's not the quantity of milk in the mother.The mother wants to feed the baby a few months to lay a good foundation, but did not agree to do it for a year.How many months in this case need to be fed?Definitive answer to this question does not exist.The physical benefits of breast milk - it sterile, easy digestibility - the most valuable for the child for the first time.But in six months, and a year breast milk is good, no less.Positive emotions associated with breastfeeding, too, do not disappear suddenly.One of the reasonable time of weaning - 3 months.By this time the child's digestive system is formed.He overcame the tendency to form gas.He quickly gained strength, and continues to come up in weight.But if the mother wants to stop breast-feeding in the 4.5 or 6 months, or even 2 months, this is also possible.It is better not to take the child from the breast in the heat.

If you are going to take the baby from the breast early, already with two months accustom him to the artificial feeding, giving him a bottle with a nipple two or three times a week or even daily if you wish.

If the breast produces a lot of milk, withdrawal should take place very gradually.Initially miss one breast-feeding, for example, used in the evening, but instead let the milk mixture.Let the child drink as he wants.Wait two or three days, until the breasts are not adapt to change, then skip feeding at 10 am, replacing it with a second portion of the mixture per day.Again, wait two or three days and cancel the night feeding.Now, the child receives only breast at 6 am and 10 pm and, as during each of the other three feedings - a mixture.Before you undo the last two breastfeeding, you should wait for three or four days before each feeding.Every time the chest is full, even if you do not time to feed the baby, give him the chest for a few seconds or a few minutes, strain out the milk by hand or breast pump, to ease the tension.In this case, you do not need to use a bandage or reduce the number of drunk liquid.