What to Wear on a visit to the disco , holiday

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

The guests go - not to work.We are waiting for holiday, leisure, easy communication, pleasant atmosphere of friendliness and mutual interest.I want more elegantly, even coquettishly dressed, look better, it's important not only for their own mood.

Therefore, if there is an opportunity to look at the home at least half an hour, try to take a shower, make a light self-massage.It relieve fatigue, irritation, raise the tone.Women need to update your makeup - to wash away the morning after a shower and apply a new one, even if you only use powder.Pre-advised to prepare her husband (or his son) a fresh shirt and socks and a suit jacket or sweater you can change or not to change, depending on the wishes.

go see friends

can not change his usual outfit, only supplement it with clips, bracelets, beads, silk scarf.Big bag with which you went to work, replace small.Fix her hair.If you wear warm boots, bring along shoes - feet a rest, and pleasant to be in the shoes, not boots, especially in the "duty" sneakers t

hat you can offer the owners.

If you rarely Think with these people, it makes sense to dress more smartly.You can replace a business suit dress, you can simply change the blouse by more elegant.There are appropriate beautiful brooch, gold-colored chain.It is not necessary to invent sophisticated headbands, large artificial flowers to attach to clothing or hairstyle.But the brilliant small shawl (which is now fashionable) can replace jewelery.Do not forget to put on perfume slightly, but so that the smell of your perfume no one molested.

husband and adult son help choose fresh trendy tie and remind about the shoe - it should be easy (maybe shoes with thick soles, but not warm boots) and a good scrubbing.

Buy flowers owners in gratitude for the care they have taken over.One beautiful rose is no less elegant than a bouquet of three - five flowers.

To be a holiday celebration

As a rule, the holiday we save up a new thing.And it is right.The new thing, especially fashion, makes us experience the excitement, stimulating good mood.Not only suit, dress, skirt or blouse, and new shoes, new bag, even a silk scarf or gloves will be worn for the first time by the way that day.If the clothes are not the newest, it is to such a case should be brought into perfect order - cleaned, podkrahmalena well ironed.For a festive evening is better to choose bright clothes, bright or black - of course, in accordance with the season.It should be more thoroughly than in other cases, to assemble an ensemble of color and style.For a bright and light-colored clothing accessories (shoes, bag) can be white to black - black or contrast-bright.Silver, gold bags and shoes go to any color of gray and beige only to the same color of clothing (even a different shade) or to soft shades of white.

If you are invited to a celebration, do not forget that you are going to congratulate, not to accept congratulations.Hero of the day, the winner of newlyweds - it is they gave you a pleasant opportunity to share with them their holiday.Do not encroach on the attention of the audience, do not distract him over.Your dress should be beautiful and fashionable, but not much.extravagant, showy.

very suitable for celebrations things from silk fabrics, especially in bright and light colors or color pattern.You can sew the dress and blouse and jacket, skirt and pants (for young women).Dress and skirt may be elongated or short, until the middle of the knee.Trousers better, newer look, if they are narrow, or even repent downwards.

Men want white or very light-colored shirt (cream, blue), elegant, but certainly not tacky tie, pressed the output (ie, rare to wear) suit, plain socks, shoes with thin soles (possibly, you have to dance).Very elegant, neatly folded handkerchief in the breast pocket.For boys and young men is comfortable and decency even for a combined celebration suit (jacket and trousers of different fabrics), for a teenager is allowed and self-colored jacket or a knitted jumper, better plain, without a bright and large ornament.

New Year

Triumph of the total.This traditional holiday dress made especially easy and smart, bright, perhaps even boldly.There are appropriate outdoor dress slim silhouette, big bows, shiny belt, big jewelry, gold and silver shoes, bags, scarves, fabrics, sparkly barrettes in her hair, artificial flowers on the shoulder, on the belt, in the hair.Once a year, everyone can afford to dress, how to stage.The only thing that should be avoided - it is not free to feel, embarrassed, constrained in a dream dress.Better impact on some parts easier to dress, but to surrender to the fun with all my heart.Not everyone can wear long dresses, skirts with risky high slits, handle with elegant gloves (whether to remove them from time to time, or be in them all night?), And so on. D. No need to torture yourself, distracted minutiae of the total holidayyoung is not always possible to create a New year (from drink to sew) itself some very smart toilet.In truth, it is a pity and money on clothes, you need only twice a year.For the youth festival is a good composition carnivals.It is not necessary for children bears, crocodiles, wolves and pigs.Why not organize a fashion carnival?Mom's and Grandma's dresses, skirts, hats, grandfather vests, suspenders, scarves, could serve as a wonderful ideas and a variety of semi-historical heroes poluliteraturnyh."Paul" - that there was no direct theatricality and would humor, fantasy .. mischief.If you agree to (or dare) is not even all of it, two or three people in their ordinary clothes would not want, and they shall feel free.Serpentine, confetti, shiny Christmas tree tinsel and decorate their clothes.