Hand expression and breast

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Target. Hand expression and breast milk is produced for the child in the event that he does not want or can not breastfeed, even though the mother enough milk.Little prematurely born baby may be too weak to suck;it can not even be removed from the incubator.It can be fed breast milk from a bottle or with a pipette.If the mother is in the hospital, or if the house for any reason can not be allowed to her child, her milk can be collected and given to him in a bottle (or destroy), while it will not be able to feed again.

If it is desired to save a lot of milk or its ability to produce breast, the chest emptied at regular intervals.If only part of the milk is suctioned off, to ease the pain in the chest when the child from consuming it, this is done as needed, and for as long until it is relieved.

best to learn it from an experienced nurse, still in the hospital.Not bad to get the instructions, even if you do not think you have to use it.House you can teach a visiting nurse.The mother can learn to itself

, although it will take a little more time.In any case, at the beginning you will get bad, and take a few tries before you learn.Do not give up.

milk produced in the tissues of the breast, in thin channels it is directed toward the center of the chest and is stored in the 15-20 small cavities, or sinuses, which are located directly behind the areola - the dark ring surrounding the nipple.For manual breast pump milk squeezed out of these cavities, each of which is connected to a small duct nipple.

If you want to decant a small amount of milk, for example, to relieve swelling in the nipple, you can collect it in a cup.If you are going to use milk to feed the baby immediately after decanting, wash the cup with soap and water, rinse and dry with a clean towel.After pumping drain the milk feeding bottle and put a pacifier;bottle and pacifier too should be washed with soap and water and rinse after previous use.If you want to save the milk for a few hours, for example if you times a day takes him to the hospital for a premature baby, it should be as sterile.You either express milk into a sterile cup, and then poured into a sterile bottle with a nipple (all sterilized by boiling for five minutes), or use the washed cup, bottle, cap and the nipple and sterilize after poured milk into the bottle

Expressing fingers.In the conventional method of manual breast pump sinus periodically squeezed between thumb and forefinger.First, of course, need to wash their hands with soap and water.(Where is replaced by dark skin usually colored) To reach the sinuses located below the surface of the chest, you need to make the tips of the thumb and index finger on opposite sides of the areola.Press with your fingers until they collide with the edges.In this position, begin to rhythmically press.Usually the right hand squeeze her left breast, and the left hand holding a cup of expressed breastmilk.

main thing - to push as far as possible along the edges of the areola.Nipple itself does not need to squeeze and touch your fingers.Each time can squeeze more milk if pressed not only inside, but at the same time towards the teat, completing the pumping motion.

After a while the fingers can be moved in a clockwise direction so that all the sinuses were affected.If the fingers are tired (and they are beginning to tire), rearrange them or move back and forth.

Expressing via finger and cup. Another method is less common, but no less effective, if used skillfully, is clamping the nipple between your finger and the edge of the cup with sloping sides (it is difficult to put the breast into the cup with straight sides).If you want to keep the milk for a few hours, the cup should be sterilized.

First, wash your hands with soap and water.Firmly press the edge of the cup to the edge of the areola chest below the left, and then tilt the cup up, holding her left hand.Place the right thumb from the upper edge of the areola.Now you have the areola is squeezed between the cup rim and thumb of his right hand.Press firmly with your thumb inside the first, in a cup, then down to the nipple.This squeeze milk from the sinuses into the ducts leading to the nipple.When pushing down toward the nipple, do not slide your finger on the dark skin of the areola: the finger remains on the same skin area.It is not necessary to compress the nipple or even just to touch him.

With a little practice you will learn how to squeeze out the milk a continuous stream.The first few days you will be tired of the finger, but it will pass.If you empty out the full breast, it will take 20 minutes - or longer if you're just still learning.If you express after feeding to completely drain the breast, it will take only a few minutes.When the breast is full of milk trickle out.When partially empty - drops.Stop to pump when the milk is no longer appearing.Of course, if you wait 10 minutes, a new milk, but you do not need to run off again.

Milk. There are three types of breast pumps.The most simple, common and cheap are made of glass with a rubber bulb, providing exhaustion.A more effective, but less accessible exhausts water type.One part of the suction is attached to a conventional faucet.If alternately open and close the valve, it provides a sucking milk.Finally, there is an electric suction, which can be rented in a hospital or medical supplies store.

Cover consists of a rubber nipple and a glass cone that fits over the breast.When the child sucks the rubber nipple in the air cone diluted and it draws him areola and squeezes milk.The gasket is used temporarily to protect the damaged nipple.It is not very effective, because the milk is difficult squeezed out of the sinuses.The child has to suck quite vigorously to get enough milk.(Do not use old-fashioned lead nipples, because they can cause poisoning.)