To give birth in water ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

About a thousand children in our country came into being in the water.A new method for receiving delivery - gidroakusherstve - says Irina Correspondent APN love.

25 years ago, the French weekly "Paris Match" called the experiments of the young Moscow scholar Igor Charkovsky for receiving deliveries in the aquatic environment "revolution in obstetrics."

Soviet researchers found that prenatal, and especially at the moment of birth, a number of mechanisms set up in the human body: provisions laid active longevity, formed a program of individual health.Birth in water less traumatic for the mother, they are sterile and emotionally beneficial.The woman turns out to be, as it were weightless.In addition, the water relieves the pain of the mother, it is clearly beneficial for the child.The transition from the fetal ancestral waters in the basin water is less painful than sharp output "on the land".In the water, a newborn can hold up to five or six hours.This activated its circulation, the cardiovascular system

, the intensity occurring metabolic processes in the brain.Baby, continuing the first months of life for a long time to stay in the water gradually gets used to the weight loads, strengthened his musculoskeletal system.

We now have in the country nearly a thousand children were born in the tub, the pool and the sea."Water Children" ahead of their peers in development.In four months they go in six - a free float some kilometers and ten months - easily jump from a ten towers in the swimming pool.These children are different even-tempered.They are sociable and friendly, usually devoid of aggressive traits.First of all, this applies to children born in the sea.

For example, when a baby girl EH extracted from sea water and lowered to the diaper in a tent on the beach, she began to crawl, and then seven hours to swim with mom in the sea.Sunlight and fresh air, saturated with volatile production, replaced by a girl all sorts of medicines "defenders" have allowed child's body in the first hours of life to evolve naturally.And her mother the next morning without any help went up to the house through the narrow paths in the rocks.

to three months of daily EYA dived 1,000 times in the home bath, ate and slept with her mother's help in the water.In six months, she is free to float in the children's pool and dived into the depths.EYA happily laughing at breakneck exercises designed specifically for babies Charkovsky (one of its elements is, for example, that child's swing, like a pendulum, holding one foot), and required to repeat it several times a day.From birth EH quenched with cold water, and in winter she and her parents bathed in ice-hole.All of these procedures, according to Charkovsky, strengthen the muscles and joints of the child, relieve stress and nervous disorders of the respiratory and digestive systems, stimulating the immune forces of the body, promote the development of the brain.Girl almost does not cry, is not sick, she was never given any medicine.It is easy to tolerate the difficulties of everyday life: the weather swings, crossings.

Supporters gidroakusherstva developed Charkovkim, it becomes every day more and more in the most remote towns and villages of the country.There were at Charkovsky followers in Europe, the US, New Zealand, Australia and Japan.Member of the Board of the World Health organitsii Dane Marsden Wagner, who was present at birth Bagryansky Hey, contributed to the emergence of specialized clinics operating Copenhagen, part of the world a person can be born in the water.Now all the world the method Charkovsky born more than two thousand children.Over the years, the Soviet researcher prigshalsya at international forums.In New Zealand, he took part in the discussion of the problems of the impact of dolphins on the mother and newborn.In France, he was a member of Congress, "Water and the state of consciousness."And on the eve of its 50th anniversary Charkovsky fervor awarded an honorary doctor of the University of California.