Who was born in February ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Miscellaneous About Parenting

aerodynamics engineer E. Vinogradov collected desktop calendars.Looking through them once at their leisure, I have noticed - a year take, as of February falls more anniversaries of famous people.Perhaps a fleeting observation and would be forgotten, but he soon bought a book about the great physicists and suspicion was confirmed - geniuses are born in February ...

Eugene S. aware that the special reference books on gifted people he did not find.The only publication, which contains information about the birth of the geniuses of all time - the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.Thirty volumes!A year later, written dozens of thick notebooks, Eugene S. built the first schedule.fertility curve, sharp bends, peaked in February, and by mid-summer dropped to the lowest values.

- In the end, I got a card file on seventeen thousand people, - says Vinogradov.- I began to study the dependence of the birth of the great men of the time of year.First, the first five volumes, then - according to the following five and so on.A

mazingly, the schedules of all the six subgroups were similar to each other like two drops of water.

Vinogradov lays out sheets of graph paper, and I am convinced that regardless of the century, latitude and even the floor gifted people are born more than in January - February - March, and the minimum is in July.Separately considered the author of "physicists" and "poets", the representatives of the exact sciences and the humanities.Again, the unknown law gathered the majority of the members of each sub-group under the winter constellations.

- What about Pushkin, the Great, Goethe, Rutherford and the other men of genius?It was they were born in the summer!

- dependence, which I found, says only one thing: the likelihood of a gifted person's birth is much higher in winter than in summer.For example, 1908 was a very "fruitful" for talent, but many of them were born in August - September.In each rule, as we know, there are exceptions.

- Maybe the results are explained very simply: in winter always - in any age, in any country - born more people compared to the summer months.Maybe that's why the geniuses among them there were more?

- That's what I thought too.I found in the library of a very rare guide to the comparative statistics of Russian and Western European countries.There was information about the birth at the end of the XX century in ten countries.Built schedule and saw - the winter is born really more babies.I explained this at first calendar factors - end positions, everywhere - jolly holidays, playing wedding ... But still strange from the encyclopedia, I subscribed to the people from the first millennium BC and ending XX century.Different people for a term of customs and rituals have changed hundreds of times - is unlikely to have the matter.

found other, more mysterious laws - continues to Eugene Stanislavski was found that the highest mortality rate also falls in February, and the people who were born in the summer, especially in June, live on average longer than two years.But this is not the most surprising.Soviet embryologist A. Brusilov in his book "Life before Birth," wrote that the average birth weight varies seasonal, peaking in January, February, March.Then, their weight gradually reduced by July - August.Fluctuations of these minor but interesting fact of their existence.

- studying solar activity cycles known scientist A. Chizhevsky found that the Sun affects many terrestrial processes.For example, epidemic peaks depend on the solar activity.And that, if seasonal genius associated with flares luminary?

- I am sure of it!After all, solar activity - is amplified flow of ionizing radiation.But radiation is possible to reproduce on Earth.Its physical nature is known, and the properties are already in use, such as agriculture.If the seeds before sowing is irradiated, the shoots of which grow more lush, and resilient in relation to the non-irradiated.Processing by ionizing radiation fish eggs, chicken eggs, you can get a major disease resistant offspring.The irradiated carrot much more carotene, in the potato - starch, beet - sugar ...

In other words, it increases the exposure of the main feature of a living organism or plant, in which nature is evolutionary selection.In the evolution of the human brain it was to improve basic.That mechanism is genius: solar flares occur mainly in January - February - March, so the talent is born at this time more.

- Still strong flare on the Sun. so rare ...

- Even geniuses are born rarely.True, it should be observed one more condition.The biological effects of radiation on living tissue increases sharply if the fabric a lot of oxygen.A winter in oxygen air and indeed higher than in the summer months.So, too, tissue enriched them.To my suggestion did not seem quite so fantastic, "I give one observation.It has been observed that women who received oxygen during childbirth, children outperform their peers in intellectual development.

Finally asked Vinogradov, he was born in what month?

- .... In February, - said Eugene S. embarrassed.