if it seems that breast milk disappears.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Most mothers who intend to breastfeed, succeed in the hospital and in the first days or weeks later (except for maybe the first one or two days at home).Then many feel defeated and give up.They say, "I do not have enough milk," or "My child does not assimilate it," Go, "He is growing, and is now no longer so important to breastfeed."

Why all over the world a mother manage many months breast-feed infants, but in a country where widespread artificial feeding, many mothers milk suddenly disappears very early?I do not believe that American mothers are so nervous.They are just as healthy as everyone else.It seems to me that there is another reason.A mother who is trying to breastfeed, does not believe that makes the most natural act in the world and, therefore, will succeed without much difficulty;on the contrary, it seems that it does something weird and difficult.If it does not have an exceptionally strong self-confidence, she is always thinking about failure.It can be said that it is looking for signs of

pre-imminent defeat.If today the baby cries a little more than usual, the first thought of his mother, I have lost milk.If the baby indigestion, or gas, or a rash, especially the mother suspects her milk.And, troubled, said the only way the bottle with the mixture.And the trouble is that the bottle is always at hand.Perhaps the mother explained before discharge from the hospital, how to cook the mixture ( "just in case"), and she called the doctor, invited the incoming sister to get directions.Children who are starting to get a certain amount of the mixture, less willing to take the breast.And remaining in the breast milk - a natural signal: "Do less, do less."

In other words, when the mother is not sure of its ability to provide the child with milk, and infant formula sold on every street corner - it is not difficult to find a reason to give up breastfeeding.

The same idea can be expressed in exactly the opposite way: to succeed in breastfeeding, you need to continue to give the baby to the breast and stay away from milk mixture (after being set a specific amount of breast milk can be given one bottle per day).Under normal conditions, the amount of breast milk does not remain constant.Depending on the needs of the child's chest at any moment ready to increase or decrease the milk supply.The child grows up, his appetite increases, he thoroughly empties the breast and makes it more likely.This stimulates an increase in milk production.