If you feel that you have enough breast milk

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Try to increase the amount, when you get home (if you are not able to consult with your doctor on a regular basis).For example, in the hospital your child to eat often, you give him at each feeding both breasts, but he still is not getting enough milk.The doctor decided that the baby needs in addition a certain amount of milk mixture.For example, at each feeding baby gets about 50 grams of breast milk and the same drink from the bottle.You decide to continue breastfeeding at home, hoping that eventually the child will fully switch to it.

Sometimes the mother, having stayed a few days at home, relaxed, natural feel in a familiar environment, and the amount of breast milk without any additional increases;measures.Child sate and does not require additional dairy mixture.In this case, the mother immediately ceases to give him a mixture.However, in most cases, the child really like milk from a bottle, and he prefers his breast.Therefore, in most cases, the mother should reduce the amount of the mixture, and

expect that the famine will cause the child to be satisfied and to stimulate breast milk enough chest.There is a way.The first few days at home, continue to give the mixture after each feeding in the hospital, but do not let a single drop after the baby ate.(Typically, the amount of breast milk does not increase and sometimes even temporarily reduced due to the mother's fatigue. On the first day or two at home) Two days later begin to gradually reduce the amount of the mixture of 5-10 grams daily, while the bottle is not empty.What happens then?As you reduce the amount of the mixture, the child becomes hungry.You feed him when he is hungry, - four, three, or even two hours.It seems that it is very time-consuming, but it will not last forever.You hope that the frequent emptying of the breast will cause increased flow of milk.When this happens, the child will start again to sleep longer and longer.After one to two weeks, he can once again go on the four-mode.(I remember one child who is in the hospital received no more than 30 grams of breast per feeding, but at home two weeks later began to receive 150 grams. Of course, this is not always the case.) If you try 5 or 6 days, and the child remainshungry and gaining weight, you can temporarily revert to the mixture.But even then, do not give up attempts;at each feeding give 60 grams of the mixture, and a few days later, when enough rest, again begins to decrease its amount.

Some doctors recommend manually decant remaining after feeding in the breast milk as a temporary way to increase its quantity.