Caring for the nipples.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Some doctors recommend regular massage the nipples during the last month of pregnancy, to strengthen them.After the birth of the child, when he begins to suck, some doctors do not recommend anything special in the care of the nipples, as in other parts of the world the healthy breast is not accepted to grease or rub.Others believe that it is useful to grease nipples before and after feeding, or wipe them with a weak solution of salt (half a teaspoon of salt in a glass of boiled water).The salt solution allows to remove the milk, but no effect on the bacterium produces.Mothers should wash their hands with soap and water before touching the nipple (massage them or inspect), because through the pores easily penetrates the infection and because the child easily gets infected stomatitis - a fungus that infects the mouth.But before the usual feeding wash their hands is not necessary.

Some mothers believe that it is useful for 10-15 minutes after feeding to hold the nipple in the air before to fasten a bra.Ot

hers believe that their nipples look drier and healthier if the bra is not waterproof gaskets.

Cases where applied especially a lot of effort.We have to hear about women who want to breastfeed, but they do not work.Start talking about how complicated our civilization, it makes mothers too nervous and makes it impossible to feed their children.There is no doubt that the nervous work adversely affects breastfeeding, but do not think that the majority of women were nervous.Breastfeeding is often not possible because the mother is not enough tried.

Observe three important conditions: 1) stay away from the bottle with the mixture;2) not to fall too early to despair;3) it is sufficient to stimulate breast milk after the appearance.

If a child in the first three or four days of life are fed artificially, the likelihood that he will go to breast feeding decreases.The child, which satisfies the mixture does not try to suck all of my chest.(Water, which is given in the early days, in order to avoid dehydration of the body, does not affect the thrust to his chest.) When the milk is reasonable to completely abandon the mixture, if the child seems happy and still lose weight.

Sometimes the mother to despair just when she starts to appear milk or one or two days, because it has little milk.But this is the wrong time to give up breastfeeding.The mother has not used the hundredth part of its features.If on the fifth day, it gives at least 30 grams per feeding, should continue.In this case it is useful to have a number of experienced nurse or babysitter that will support and cheer.

For the first time for the normal stimulation of breast feeding at night (at 10 pm and at 2 am) are just as important as the daytime.If the chest during a three-hour or four-hour feeding regime gives enough milk, it is helpful to feed the baby more often, it can be every two hours (and at each feeding to empty both breasts);only need to take care not to hurt the nipple.This is how to adapt to each other and the baby the breast in those places where there is no cow's milk.Frequent emptying stimulates the breast, and it starts to produce more milk.Then the child gets the opportunity to go for longer intervals.Of course, if the child is starving for many days, and continues to lose weight, or has a fever from a lack of fluid, it can not be deprived of the infinitely mixture.Frequent feeding should be stopped if the nipples cracked or if the mother is very tired due to lack of normal rest.

If the mother has the opportunity to constantly communicate with your doctor, he will help decide how many days the child is able to do a small amount of breast milk without recourse to the mixture, how long can withstand frequent feeding mother's nipples and how often to feed.However, in many cases, the mother is more important attitude to breastfeeding.If she makes it clear that it intends to succeed, the doctor will give her instructions, which may be necessary.