Breastfeeding is natural .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

In principle, it is always safer to use natural way, unless you are absolutely sure that you know a better way.Breastfeeding is known to us the advantages, and probably a lot of other, we have not yet known.It helps mothers physically.When the baby sucks, the walls of the uterus muscles vigorously reduced.This speeds up the uterus return to normal size and position.

You could hear that colostrum (the fluid that precedes milk now) baby gets immunity against diseases.It is possible that this is the case, although some evidence has not been obtained.In children who are breastfed are less likely to stomach disorders.Breastfeeding enormous advantage that sterile milk: a child can not pick up an infection therethrough.From a purely practical standpoint, breastfeeding saves many hours of work each week because they do not need to sterilize bottles, mix and prepare formula milk, do not need to worry about maintaining the mixture in the refrigerator and heated bottles.This is especially important if you have to

go somewhere.In addition, breastfeeding saves money.He also has another advantage that is rarely mentioned: it fully satisfies the instinct of sucking baby.Bust it can suck as much as he needs.I think that for this reason grudnichki less often suck their thumbs.

most convincing evidence the benefits of breast-feeding mothers come from.They tell of great satisfaction that brings them to the realization that they give the child something that no one else can give it the feeling of intimacy.Rarely mentioned that two weeks later the woman begins to feel very pleasant sensation during feeding.So it should be.A woman can not feel her mother, or mother enjoy the happiness, or to experience maternal love to the baby just the knowledge that she has given birth to this child.It becomes a real mother, especially in the case of the first child only when it begins to take care of it.The more successful she is doing from the start, the greater the satisfaction with the child gets, the more likely it szhivaetsya and happier with his new role.In this sense, breastfeeding does wonders for a young mother and her relationship with the baby.She and her child happy together and feel more and more like each other.

Recently, however, and especially in large cities are fewer and fewer children are breastfed.The main reason is that artificial feeding was available and perfectly safe.Another reason - in familiarity.If it seems quite natural in the country most of the women fed the children from the bottle, a young mother.