it is not so vulnerable and fragile .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

«I'm afraid to hurt him, if I deal with it properly," - said the mother often of his first child.No need to worry: your baby is very strong.There are many ways to keep it.If his head casually leaned back abruptly, do not panic: it will not harm him.Open space on the skull (the fontanelle) is covered with a solid membrane, resembling a canvas, and it is not easy to hurt.By the time a child reaches a weight of three and a half kilos, it already operates a system of regulation of body temperature, and it is not necessarily coddle.He has a natural immunity to most infections.If the whole family is a cold, he will take all the cold easier.If it is something confused head and has a strong survival instinct and the baby cry.If he gets enough food, you will cry and demand more.If the light hits him in the eye, it will start to blink and squint.(You can take pictures using the flash, even when the child flinches.) He knows how much he needs to sleep, and that is how much and oversleep.For a man who can not say a

word and did not know anything about the world, he takes care of himself surprisingly well.

Immediately after birth, the child is usually frustrating mother, if she had not seen the newborn.His skin is covered with a substance resembling wax;if it is not washed off, it will gradually disappear and will prevent in the first days of the baby's skin.His skin may seem bright red.Face puffy and wrinkled, it may be bruising if used in childbirth with forceps.Head after childbirth can be deformed, stretched to the back of the head, with a low forehead.Occasionally there thereon addition hematoma - minor bruising under the skin of the head, which resolve in a few weeks.In the first week of life of the child can be easily jaundice (if it is not very noticeable, or passes through the week, you should inform your doctor).

child's body is covered with fuzz, which usually disappears within a week.Some weeks he may peel off the skin - then this too passes.Some babies first color black hair that can fall onto the forehead.The first hair, no matter what color they are, fall, and when they grow new ones, they can be quite different.