Take your child for what it is - it is better for him .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

person every child is different from all the others.Similarly, different characteristics and development of each child.One quickly develops physically, he produced early in the coordination of movements, he soon learns to sit, stand and walk - a real little athlete.However, it can slowly acquire subtle finger movements or speech.Even a child who is easily learned to roll over or sit up, could hardly master walking.The child quickly develops physically, may later appear the teeth, and vice versa.Those who barely began to speak, so that parents even fear that he is mentally underdeveloped, becomes the first student in the school;at the same time a child of average intelligence sometimes begins to talk very early.

I deliberately quote contrasting examples to show you how individual with different types may be a child's development.

One child is born with big bones, a strong body, and the other will always have thin bones and delicate physique.One seemed born to be a fat man.If he loses weight, then quick

ly made up for during the illness.Whatever troubles he experienced no, it does not affect his appetite.And the other is always a thin, even when eating the most nutritious meals, and his life was spared from unrest.

Love your child for what he is, rejoice his appearance, what he is doing, and forget about the qualities that he does not possess.I give this advice is not just for sentimental reasons.This is a very practical point of view.The child who is perceived for what it is, even if it is ugly, clumsy and slow to grow confident and happy.He will be able to make best use of their abilities and easily treat their disadvantages.But a child who has never fully accepted the parents, who have always felt that with him something that would be a lifetime is not sure of himself.He can not make full use of their intelligence and physical abilities.If he starts life with the consciousness of his own shortcomings, mental or physical, they increased tenfold by the time he becomes an adult.