babysitter ( Babysitter )

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

Coming nurse - the present deed for the parents;plus they help the child to become more independent.You and your child should be familiar with the nurse.If she stays overnight with a child who does not wake up, it is sufficient if it is prudent and responsible.But for children who wake up at night, and children older than one year is very important that a person who spends the night with him, he would have been familiar and likable.Most children are frightened when he woke up, he sees a stranger.If the incoming nurse will have to take care of a child or even just put him to sleep, you need to make watching the actions of this girl, she loves children and manages them gently, but firmly.Therefore, the first few times put your baby with a nanny.Then the child will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the nurse before she will have something to do with it.And when the child gets used, the nurse will be easier to take care of him.

must have regular incoming nurses, one or two.Learn about reliable

nannies agency or have friends whose judgment is trusted.

Young or old?There is rather a question of maturity of the soul, not the age.I have seen fourteen girls, it is quite reliable and capable, though not to be from all the girls in this age expect similar qualities.A mature woman can be rough or unreliable or unskillful.Some adult women are easily managed with children.And others hardly get used to the child and make him nervous and and parents.

That all went well, you need to have a special notebook for incoming nurse, noted in her child's treatment, as he may ask (in their language), phone numbers of doctors and neighbors, which should be called in case of need, if you can not be contactedwith you, bedtime, that can be taken to his kitchen, where stocks clothes and other things that may be needed, how to turn on and off the heating apartments.

But first of all get acquainted with those who will come to your child, and make sure that the child trusts this man.