Organization for mothers from the beginning.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

If you can find someone who will help in the early weeks to care for a child, be sure to do it.If you try from the very beginning to do everything yourself and get tired, you have to ask for help, and perhaps for a long time.In addition, your fatigue from the outset reflected badly on the child.

If you get along with her mother, she is the perfect assistant.But if she is used to manage and still considers you a child is not the time to contact her.You will want to feel that your child and that you grow it properly.Do you really need human help, which has already had to deal with the children, but more importantly, that it was a man who pleased you to see near him.

If we manage to hire a housekeeper for a few weeks or a nurse, you can always refuse of its services, if you do not like it.In a sense, better to hire a maid - in this case the mother from the beginning has given the opportunity to fully care for a child, but it is difficult to find a housekeeper.It is easier to find a babysitter, that w

ould do some of the work around the house, came to the way you speak, let you feel that your child completely, and was friendly and obedient.If you see that the nanny behaves as if it were her baby, not yours, and criticizes everything you do, immediately get rid of it and try to find a better one.

At what time will you need an assistant?This, of course, depends on your funds from your desire to be independent and on your physical condition.As your strength will come, gradually take over more and more daily tasks.If after two weeks you'll still get tired easily, leave at his assistant, even if you can not afford.In these circumstances, it is not a luxury, but a necessity.If you take on all the premature end up costing more expensive - both financially and spiritually.So it is better to hold the nurse has extra two weeks.

Most mothers experience some fear at the thought that they would have to single-handedly take care of the baby.If you experience such feelings, it does not mean that you will definitely need an assistant who would show you how to do everything.But if you are experiencing genuine fear, experienced nanny - or relative, if we can arrange it - you will be very helpful.

If you can not find a permanent assistant, try to find a woman who would come to you once or twice a week, tidied up, helped with housework and to babysit so you can get out for a few hours.

Whether assistants, once or twice, you will visit a visiting nurse.