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Properties required for the normal functioning of the thyroid gland.Under normal gland with iodine to ensure it kills harmful microflora, circulating in the blood.When the thyroid gland is not able to get enough iodine, then the person may develop a goiter.If the thyroid gland is impaired from childhood or early adolescence, the pituitary gland also remains weak, as a result can bring to stunted growth and mental development disorders.If, however, a lack of iodine in the body is combined with a lack of calcium, it is possible the formation of kidney stones.It is important to note that the lack of iodine in the body affects the mind and mental abilities.

Iodine deficiency in women may even lead to infertility.If a parent has a severe deficiency of iodine and calcium, that they may be born deaf-mute children.Therefore, pregnant women and chipboard in infancy and early adolescence should not lack for food which is the source of iodine and calcium, or their growth and mental development has stopped.So think

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Scientist IL Arshavskii also points to the importance of iodine during pregnancy;He believes that "the mother hormone thyroid gland, proceeding to the tissues of the embryo, has a direct effect on them, and thus provides a process of forming.Lack of maternal hormone while removing the thyroid gland (or the lack of the hormone at the lack of iodine) causes the death of an embryo in connection with the arrest or violation of differentiation processes "(" Age Physiology Essays ").

It should be emphasized that the lack of iodine in the body can accumulate with a lack of iodine in the locality, by drinking chlorinated water (ie. A. Chlorine causes significant iodine loss), with frequent diseases, reduced energy and the body's constitution, with nervous tension and unnecessaryfat reserves, at an elevated radiation.To compensate for the earlier stages can, in particular, using - among other preventive measures - iodized salt and iodine products, but obligatory consultation endocrinologist.

Sources: radish (but remember that it can not be used with patients with kidney), asparagus, carrots, tomatoes, spinach, rhubarb, potatoes, peas, strawberries, mushrooms, lettuce, bananas, cabbage;egg yolk, onions, seeds from apples, persimmons, seaweed, seafood, iodized salt.D. Jarvis suggests pregnant women necessarily twice a week by adding 1 drop (with a weight of 65 kg) Lugol's solution (iodine solution in aqueous potassium iodide solution) in an acidic juice or water (from 2 h. Spoons natural apple vinegar (containing potassium) and 2 hours. honey).Weighing more than 65 kg should add 2 drops of iodine.The dosage of iodine in any case should not be increased!