initially limit the number of guests.

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

On the occasion of the birth of the child's relatives and friends come running in droves to congratulate the parents and see the baby.It pleases parents and fills their hearts with pride.However, too many visitors will tire the mother.What is it - too much?In each case differently.Most mothers in the first few weeks at home quickly get tired.They just had a kind of surgery, also experienced serious hormonal changes.But perhaps even more significant emotional distress, especially associated with the advent of the first child.

Some parents deliver a true delight guests, help to relax, to escape, to rejoice.But for most of us this effect is only a few old friends.Other guests in the more or less forced to feel the tension, even when we are happy to see them, and tiring, especially when we feel bad.If a young mother is tired, it just complicates the greatest change in her life and affects all others.I believe that the mother of the newborn from the outset should be strictly limited visits to see how it car

ries them, and then very gradually increase the number of guests, if she remain on their strength.Mother would help if these restrictive support the doctor.Then it can not be afraid of accusations of inhospitality: it simply follows the doctor's instructions.I would advise to respond to anyone who calls: "The doctor says I can have only one guest per day, starting tomorrow, and no more than fifteen minutes.You can look on Tuesday, about four o'clock in the afternoon, "There are many other arguments that can be used to justify such a restriction: the child's anxiety, breast-feeding, slow return forces.

Those who come without a phone call, say with a joyful, but guiltily: "The doctor tells me that I can receive visitors only from next week and one day, but still come in for a minute."

One mother told me that hung on the door of the announcement: it does not need insurance on baby, baby photos, things to care for him, the book, and so it does not open a Salesman.