Tires whether the mother breast-feeding ?

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Sometimes we hear that breastfeeding "robs women too much force."In the first weeks of feeding, some women get tired, but you get tired and those who bottle feed.After the birth and discharge from the hospital force them back.Of course, nervous tension associated with caring for a newborn, tires.But it is also true that the breast every day requires a lot of calories, and the mother should have much more to maintain your weight, ultimately woman should not feel when feeding more tired than on holiday, during which she much swimming or walking on foot.Our body quickly adapts to the needs of an increase or decrease in energy, respectively amplifies or diminishes appetite, making the weight constant.If a nursing mother is healthy and happy, her appetite will take care of to make up required for breastmilk calories.Some nursing mothers affects how much food they want and can eat without adding weight.But sometimes too appetite increases, and then the woman needs willpower or helping a doctor or nutritionist

to not grow stout.

woman who is too tired during feeding, perhaps too nervous, worried about the newborn, and this is reflected in her appetite and mood.Or she was never sure of his health and believes that every effort is dangerous for her, but in fact her body has ample supply of energy to cope with the situation.Or - most unlikely - she is really ill health.Needless to add that the nursing mother who is not feeling well or significantly lose weight, should immediately seek medical attention?

Some women, because of their upbringing, feel deep anxiety the prospect of breastfeeding - it seems to them immodest or peculiar to animals.If this feeling strongly, I believe that the mother should not try, even if it is able for a child at all.

Some fathers, including the nicest, oppose breastfeeding - they can not overcome their jealousy.In this case, the mother should focus on your common sense.