Tensions normal wife and husband .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

In some families among young parents and grandparents set harmony.The other - the disputes begin.In most first appears slight stress associated with caring for the first child, but it decreases with time.

happy young woman who is naturally a natural self-confidence and can easily refer to his mother for help, if needed her.And when the grandmother is something suggests, the mother can accept this proposal, if it considers it necessary, or refuse politely and act differently.

But most young parents initially did not have such confidence.And like any newcomer, they are painfully react to any doubts about their "incompetent" and possible criticism.

Most grandparents remember it on his own youth and trying hard not to interfere.On the other hand, they really have experience, believe that they have developed the ability to think clearly, they are very fond of grandchildren and can not give up his opinion.They see that from the time they raised their own children, there have been amazing changes - become

more flexible schedule of feeding, before offering solid foods, begin to be planted later in the pot - and it is difficult to get accustomed to this.Even if they accept new methods, it seems that parents use with their excessive zeal.(When they themselves become grandparents probably better understand what I mean.)

I think young parents to maintain good relations with senior if they would get the courage to allow those to express their opinions, and even ask them about it.Ultimately frank discussion much better disguised hints and heavy silence.A mother who believes that raising a child properly, can say, "I know that this method you do not like, and then talk with your doctor to make sure everything is understood properly."This does not mean that the mother gives up.It reserves the right to itself to make a decision.It only recognizes the good intentions of my grandmother and her obvious concern.When the young mother evinces respect for my grandmother, grandmother begins to believe that her daughter not only to cope with this problem, but also with any problems in the future.

A grandmother helps the mother to work, if it shows confidence in her and in her ability to use new methods.This prompted the mother and the next time, when the need arises, to apply to her grandmother for advice and help.

When children are left in the care of grandparents - for half a day or two weeks, - there must be a mutual understanding and a willingness to compromise.Parents should be sure that the most important thing for children to be cared for in accordance with their principles (for example, they will not be forced to eat what they do not like, will not be shaming for wet pants or frighten the police).On the other hand, it is unfair to demand from their parents that they care for grandchildren tried to make exact copies of their mothers and fathers.The child will not hurt if it will show some more respect for grandparents, precisely because it was expected of him if he had lunch at another time, or if you will pay more or less attention to the purity of arms.If the parents do not like the grandparents treat the children, then they should not ask them to take care of the grandchildren.