father and his child .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

Some fathers so educated that they consider child care exclusively women's work.But you can be a real man and at the same time caring father.

We know that the closeness and friendship father can determine the strength of the spirit and character of the child for a lifetime.So you need to be a real father to begin with.So much easier.Father and mother are learning together.Some cities hold special classes for expectant fathers.If the father in the first two years, all offered his wife, and she became a specialist head and in all that concerns children.And later it will be harder to put up with their more humble place.

Of course, I do not mean that the father should give the same number of bottles with a pacifier and diapers to change as much as the mother.But good for him from time to time to deal with this and that.He can prepare feeds on Sundays.If a child in the first weeks should be fed from a bottle at two o'clock in the morning, when the mother gets tired, his father would be nice to take it on

themselves.If time permits, it is useful to accompany his wife and child during regular doctor visits.This will give the father an opportunity to ask questions about his disturbing that, as it seems, underestimates his wife.It's like, and doctor.Of course, some of the fathers on the skin sends shivers at the thought of help in caring for the baby, and make them unnecessary.Most of them will enjoy the fellowship with the children later when they become "like a real man," But most fathers feel a little confused.They need encouragement.

Grandparents in many ways, can help young parents.

Besides grandchildren give them great joy.Often they thoughtfully asked, "Why could not I so enjoy the children how happy grandchildren?Perhaps, too, and I tried felt too strong responsibility. "

In many parts of the world and grandparents are the main experts, and a young mother believes it for granted that with any questions regarding the child or help, please contact his mother.When the mother so believes in the possibility of her grandmother, she turns to her not only for advice, but also for comfort.But in our country, young mothers tend to first address to doctors, and some do not consider it necessary to consult with her mother.This is partly because we are accustomed to consult with specialists about our personal problems - with doctors, consultants, schools, social workers, psychologists, priests.In addition, we believe the obvious, that the sciences are developing too fast and someone who was an expert twenty years ago, now is not.But the main reason is that most new parents are still very far removed from adolescence.They want to prove to the world and to themselves that they can do to cope with their lives.They are afraid that their parents will tell them what to do, they again become dependent on them - and do not want to return to this state of affairs.