The introduction of supplementary feeding and complementary feeding , weaning

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

If the chest baby is weak, awkward and unable to suck him right amount of mother's milk, in which case it is necessary to supplement breastfeeding with expressed milk.Weak baby should feed as long as he does not get stronger.But sometimes you have to be fed and healthy, good and well-sucking developing baby if a mother does not have the amount of milk that he needs.If the baby is not fed up, it is easy to determine: sucking milk to the last drop, he behaves nervously and continues to make sucking movements with his lips.But what to feed her baby mother with reduced lactation?Infants until 3 months of age as possible should be fed only breast milk.It is particularly important to adhere to this rule in the first month.Immediately before feeding mother is expressing milk from one breast;bottle with expressed milk puts in a container of warm water.After the feed the baby, she should weigh it and give it the right amount of expressed milk.If a child has sucked enough

exactly that expressed breast milk can

be stored in the refrigerator until the next feeding, pre-cool it to room temperature.

In an extreme case, if there is no other way out, a child under the age of weeks should be used to feed breast milk donor, mixed with half a cow;children older than 6 weeks can already be fed with a mixture of cow and breast milk in a ratio of 2: 4 If a child within the first 3 months of life did not need supplementation, it is best to supplement breastfeeding with vegetables rather than cow's milk.

Toddler should finish feeding only in accordance with the purpose of children's doctor who can correctly identify not only the amount of supplementary feeding, but also appoint one or another of its kind.The number of additional power is defined as follows: if child slabyy.grudnoy consumes 400 grams per day of mother's milk, the amount should be increased to 450 grams per day.Subsequently, every 2-3 days the amount of additional food should be gradually increased as long as the child begins to gain weight.Subject to the rules of this baby gets tighter, actively sucking and gaining weight well, so that in most cases is unnecessary feeding of 2-3 weeks.

When supplemental foods to the child who sucks well, we must adhere to the following rules: if the child is breast fed 4 times a day, it is necessary to feed

only once, and if 3 times a day - should be fed 2 times.

Giving additional food should be immediately after breastfeeding;at large intervals between breastfeeding and feeding of the child receives food 10-12 times a day instead of 5-6 times, so that his stomach does not rest.In addition, disrupted the rhythm of breastfeeding, the baby will suckle sluggish, lazy, as yet not hungry after a recent meal.

theory asserts that breast milk or adapted milk formula can meet the needs of the child during the first year of life.But practice shows that the early introduction of the diet of a variety of products only promotes psychomotor development of the child and the awakening of his intellect.It has long been no secret that children, too long "sitting on cereals', develop more slowly than those in whose food includes meat and fish.

Thus, as early as four months of age can continue breastfeeding, introduce a variety of foods rich in energy, protein, vitamins, fiber, trace elements and other biologically active substances.

There is still no consensus on the introduction of the first and the benefits of early weaning.For example, some doctors say that the kid, having the opportunity to a year to feed breast milk, you should do without foods because

his body at such a tender age is not yet ready to assimilate more complex food, can not even her chew and do the necessary to pushlanguage movement with swallowing movements, resulting in more than dense foods than breast milk or infant formula, may cause vomiting and its subsequent inhalation.Yes, indeed, up to 3-4 months of the baby when it enters the mouth is thick and solid foods language makes ejector movement, but by 4-5 months, this protective reflex weakens, and a child may have to use more solid food.

doctors also note that it is 4-5 months of age there is an active development of the baby, as the intellectual and mental and physical, is the improvement of all organs and systems, including the digestive system is preparing for changes in the diet, "host".As early as 5-6 months of a baby's swallowing reflexes are well coordinated and push food, he learns to chew, getting used to the fact that there were teeth, disintegrating pieces of food that fall into your mouth.

Nevertheless, the willingness baby receivable foods can identify only a doctor, as all children develop differently, and one is time to give the lure, and the other with him is worth the wait, because the body is not yet ready to be in the diet changes.

If the doctor decided that the baby can lure, making it more diverse diet

, implying that it does not mean that the child can immediately give meat, fish, and without limitation, vegetables and fruits.After all, this requires a certain exercise, your body wont process and assimilate food other than breast milk or infant formula.Therefore, before the introduction of the basic kinds of foods in the baby's diet, first introduced fruit juices and purees, which have a liquid consistency, easily digestible, has good taste and do not require much effort on the part of the digestive tract motility and enzymes.To do this it is best to start with the juice of green apples, very rarely cause allergies.When the baby gets used to his taste and his mother saw that he drinks the juice with pleasure, a negative reaction on the part of the digestive system is also not observed, it can be given to other juices such as pear, plum, apricot, and with 5 months - cherry, black currant, pomegranatecarefully watching the reaction to the expansion of the assortment of fruit.I would like to give some advice on the foods juices of fruits and vegetables: first, sour and tart juice is better to start to breed with boiled water;Second, red fruit juices, citrus, brightly colored vegetables with high allergenicity should be given in view of portability and preferably not before 7-8 months.Introduction of the first complementary foods does not mean that for the first time giving your baby juice, you need to replace them

adopt one of the feedings.At first he was given only a few drops of juice after one of them utrent feedings to trace the child's reaction to the introduction of a new product.In the absence of vomiting, allergic rash on the face and body, loose stool amount of juice can be gradually increased for 6-7 days and bring to a volume of 20-40 ml.Further, the number of juices should be increased by 10-15 ml each month, and the volume of daily drink juice will be 100-120 ml, t. E. 10 ml for each month.Note that each new juice should be administered only after getting used to the previous baby.In the daily diet it is advisable to give no more than 2-3 different juices, better not to mix them.

If within two weeks after the first feeding juice in a child not showed signs of poor tolerance, its diet can be extended by introducing a fruit puree from a similar fruit, and preferably in the same sequence as input juices.Therefore, start with applesauce.Children with unstable stool is useful to give a puree of apples and bananas, are beneficial to the digestive tract, such as juices or reinforcement of pomegranate, black currant, blueberry.When constipation kids useful mashed plums, beetroot and cabbage juice.

Best of all, if the mother herself will prepare your child juice or puree of fresh fruit.In the absence of such parents will buy them

in the form of canned food, and the need to closely monitor the shelf life of the product, its composition and recommendations for use.All of this information must be indicated on the label.

So, making sure that the baby is well tolerated juice: drink with pleasure, a good chair, no allergic skin rashes - it's time to give the first solid foods.As we have said, it would be applesauce, or even more frequently, mashed potatoes.Over time, you can use cabbage, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, last - green peas and tomatoes.

If the first solid foods given in the amount of 3-5 g, t. E. Less than a teaspoon, then good tolerability during the week is the number of spoons can be increased to 4-5.And it decided to give the baby to solid foods daily breastfeeding or formula milk.As for diversity, it is better to teach a child, first to one kind of vegetable or fruit puree, and then introduce another vegetable or fruit, t. E. Other mashed introduced gradually, as well as juices.Only when the baby will get used to the different vegetables and fruits, mom can determine which ones are child like more and which less, then it can be combined in one smoothie a few vegetables or fruits, combining your favorite baby and not very good, although useful for his bodyvegetables and fruits.

on schooling to mashed potatoes take about a month, t. E. He will have 5-6 months when used to

juices and purees baby will be ready to try and mom cooked soup only fresh vegetables.Thus it is necessary to closely monitor the child's body's reaction to the introduction of each new element of the diet.If a baby has appeared on the face reddish rash or upset digestion after receiving purée or soup made from any vegetable, you should temporarily stop giving solid foods and seek medical advice.

nursing infant is better to lure with a spoon and a cup, and the mother has to learn how to keep himself and the baby during feeding.To master this simple science can be and the pictures (see. Figure)

always have to take your hands to feed the child.His head rests on the shoulder of his mother;the body slightly raised, so that the food did not get into the respiratory tract.The child needs to see approaching his mouth spoon with food (see. Figure)

to teach a child to eat with a spoon, it is necessary to attach it to the bottom lip of the baby and the moment when he starts to make sucking movements, enter a spoon in his mouth.A spoon can not enter too deeply;if the spoon to heaven, vomiting may occur in the baby.Make sure that the spoon does not come under the language (see picture.)

Pressing lightly spoon tongue tip, lifted her arms up a little: so mushy food is easier to slide off the spoon.

Figure Regulation baby during feeding: and - correct; b - wrong

Figure Start feeding

Fig feeding process

child closes his mouth, ready to swallow food;at this time should get a spoon, pinning her to the upper lip (see. figure)

Figure End feeding

If there are remnants of food in the corners of the mouth, it can not pick up a spoon and feed, they should be postponed on the saucer.So teach a child to eat neatly.

When the baby has learned to be happy to have vegetable soup, "understands" a lot about fruit accordance

Kah, his body responds well to a supplement in the diet, 3-4 weeks after the introduction of vegetable puree baby in the diet can be introduced and cereal lure -cereal milk, which will be an additional source of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, minerals and vitamins.For starters cooked porridge diluted by half the milk, a little thicker in consistency infant formula or milk.But to teach the baby to porridges also need in a specific order: first with the rice, and then you can cook buckwheat, oats, corn, wheat and barley porridge.Selected to the baby porridge cereal is first necessary to wash and dry, then grind in the coffee grinder, and then add the milk.

course, you can feed your baby and prepared cereals, which in commerce is usually a great many, but there is nothing better and more useful than cooked with his own hands the dish, the more so as there is no variety of chemical additives such as flavor or flavoring, baking powder, etc.., and especially preservatives.Thus, mother, cooking porridge to the child at home, prevents the development of allergies and other ailments from him.As it is terrible, but counterfeiting is not uncommon in children's nutrition.Therefore, if you still have to take my mother finished porridge, it is first necessary to properly consider the information on the labels and boxes, certificates of quality and availability of spe- cial markings

producer, confirming the quality of products.

first time it is not necessary to feed the baby porridge from large plates, it is necessary to accustom the baby "as well as to the puree and juice -.. Starting with 1-2 tsp, only then, in gradually increasing over 1-2 weeksthe amount of cereals to 130-150 g at a normal reaction of the digestive system of the baby at this type of feeding

by his 7-month baby can try to have a lot:.. juices, mashed potatoes, egg yolk, cheese, vegetable soups mother by this time may determine,that her child of coveted more, and that - less than a child's time now to try and more "serious" food -. meat to prepare new for baby food best buy rabbit meat or veal Naturally, the meat dish for the first time will be made not a steak..with blood, and boiled twice and minced and added to vegetable puree as usual, you should start with small portions -. 1/4 teaspoon, bringing the week before the '30 When the child is older, he was able to eat and meatballsand the end of the year, and steam cutlets, cooked beef liver or tongue.All innovations must be entered carefully watching the reaction of the baby organism:.. Did not appear whether he diathesis, was it normal and regular chair, if he is well gaining weight, etc.

Do not forget that the lure of cereals bytime coincides with the appearance of the teeth, thus the chewing gum and muscles need load promotes intense and proper development.In this case, will be useful drying, crackers or a slice of stale bread.But to give their child should also keeping a few rules: firstly, the child should be in the upright position;secondly, softened cracker or drying must be replaced by a new solid that the child choked on crumbs.

should specifically tell you about the fish, which can be introduced into the diet of the child, aged 10 months, and responds well to other meals of complementary foods.To prepare fish dishes need only use low-fat varieties of fish, sea or river.From sea fish is better to choose cod, hake, sea bass, from river suitable perch, bass, pike, meat is carefully separated from the bones.The first meal of the baby fish can be boiled or steam it pieces of burgers.

is worth noting that in children with hypersensitivity allergic reactions can occur when administered in the diet of fish dishes.It concerns the introduction into the diet of a child whole cow's milk.

As we have said, to the year of the baby develops four meals, so

mom can try to diversify its power supply, and at the same time increase the amount of food, but not at the expense of cereals.In cereals contain large amounts of carbohydrates, the excess of which leads to weight loss, interfering actively move.Do not add much to the dish of sugar and salt, the excess of which also affect the baby's health.

When it comes to lures, then mothers the question arises: when will take the child from the breast?In fact weaning begins with the moment when you are giving your baby solid foods, replacing one breastfeeding.Weaning is considered complete when the baby does not get the chest more.As for the mother, and the child would be better if the withdrawal will not be sudden.If the baby is gradually weaned from the breast, it gets used to different food, which is received instead of milk, and then the process takes place without difficulties and complications.But we should not forget the fact that the earlier a child is no longer breastfeed, the greater the risk it is exposed.It is not recommended to start the process of weaning in the hot summer months, as this period increases the risk of infection and reduced resistance of the body of an infant, bad transporting heat.It is not recommended to start weaning and during the period when a baby is teething or after preventive vaccinations.