The mixtures used in the artificial feeding mixtures for therapeutic feeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Some mothers for various reasons have to choose a method of artificial feeding her baby.Of course, there is nothing better than mother's milk.But do not be discouraged is because artificial mixtures, especially in recent times, are made as close to the natural milk of women.In addition, a mixture of artificial and can pick up on the basis of individual needs and status of each baby.With regard to the psychological relationship between a mother and her baby during feeding, then it can be installed without difficulty, because this relationship is largely dependent on the mother's presence, her touch, a loving look, and so on. N., Rather than from the actual feeding process.Incidentally, in this case, and dad too can feed your baby, it is usually quite good and very willingly cope with this task.Therefore, minute feeding benefit and enjoy not only the baby, but also his father.

As with breastfeeding, conditions for feeding the baby-bottle-should be the same - quiet and peaceful place, loving and caring pa

rents about it.

As for the "accessories" feeding, they, unlike the natural process, a much large

above.For example, it takes quite a lot of different graded bottles, they need caps and nipples for baby with optimum hole;brushes for washing of bottles;pot to sterilize bottles or special sterilizer;thermos to keep warm milk or electric bottle warmer with milk and much more.

But most importantly - the same it is better to feed your baby, how to choose the right infant formula for him, and what are they?That's what we are now and we'll talk.

Modern industry produces a wide variety of mixtures, they are all very nicely packaged, the label says a lot of valuable information by reading that parents can learn from what cooked mixture, its caloric content, the age of the child, for whom it is intended, a method for preparing infant formula andrecommended nutritional standards in accordance with the child's age.But it is worth noting that an independent selection of infant formula, no matter how many children you know it does not fit, is not valid.To do this, first of all, you need to see a doctor who assessed the health of your baby will be able to assign the most appropriate infant formula for him.When the child gets older, you can simply rely on the recommendations of the manufacturers of mixtures, related to age child, and to closely monitor in the absence of the mixture of ingredients undesirable for him.

What you need to know the kid-use • kusstvennika parents about infant formula?Now infant food stores are commercially adapted milks, partially adapted milk mixture and mix "following claims" wherein each group has two subgroups and fresh dairy mixture.

Adapted infant formula composition is closest to breast milk, and to produce them cow's milk is used.Reduction of protein and calcium salts of cow's milk, the introduction of unsaturated fatty acids, increasing the carbohydrate content, administration of whey proteins and more provide significantly better digestibility adapted mixtures compared to cow's milk and maladapted mixtures, and most most approximate their chemical compositionhuman milk and allow to provide the baby with all the necessary nutrients for normal growth and development.These nutrients are not only proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but also numerous macro- and microelements, vitamins and enzymes.But the amount of mineral salts in the adapted milk mixtures slightly reduced compared to cow's milk.Specialists who develop infant formula is explained by the desire to reduce the burden on the kidneys of the baby, who in the first months of life is functionally defective.

attention of parents whose child is bottle-fed, can be offered to such adapted formulas as "Nan" (Nestlé, Switzerland), "Similac" (Abbott Labora-Taurize, USA), "Nutrilon" (Nutricia, The Netherlands)"Pre-hippies" (hippies, Austria), "peak 1" (Krka, Slovenia), "Heinz" (Heinz, USA), "Hu Mans 1" (Humana, Germany), "Enfamil" (Mead Johnson,USA) and others.

Regarding fermented dry mixtures, they all contain bifidobacteria and are completely balanced products, which are obtained by fermentation in the presence of lactic acid bacteria, and then dried.The presence of bifidobacteria in the mixture helps to normalize the intestinal microflora and function of the gastrointestinal tract and the baby, thus, reduce the risk of intestinal infections in it, and also reduce the possibility of propagation of pathogenic organisms in the bottle in which the mixture is cooked for a child.Milk formula, which has such healing properties, shows kids from birth to one year of age who are unable to feed breast milk;kids with moderately severe dyspepsia;as well as in the case of the likelihood of infection due to lower immunity.Often, doctors prescribe a mixture of dairy and kids recovering from diarrhea.Due to easy digestibility, in which there is a rapid

gastric emptying, these mixtures are shown and children who are prone to regurgitation.

Dairy mixture type "Nestozhen" (Nestlé, Switzerland), "Similac", "Similac with iron" (Abbott Laboratories, USA), "Impress" (Kruger, Germany) et al. Are so-called "casein formulas" thatmade on the basis of dry cow milk basic protein casein which is without adding demineralized whey mixture thus less protein composition similar to human milk.But on the quantitative and qualitative composition of carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals, they are as close in composition to the mother's milk.Such mixtures are often prescribed for children with allergies who can not tolerate cow's and goat's milk.

Prodolyasaya topic of possible allergies in the baby to cow's milk and dairy products made on its basis, it should be noted that the ideal replacement for traditional adapted milk mixtures are also adapted, infant formula, prepared on the basis of soy or almond milk.Moreover, in recent years, soy milk obtained most widespread.Modern food industry produces soy milk and dry with the application of its prescription recovery.For babies 6-12 months of age and older suffering from allergies, doctors also recommend to prepare various dishes of soy milk instead of cow's in the same proportions.

partially adapted mixtures, as the name implies, in its composition only partially close to the composition of human milk, they lack demineralized whey, not completely balanced composition zhirnokislot-tion as the carbohydrate component is used not only lactose.

Such mixtures include. "Baby", "The Kid" (Nutricia, Russia), "Milumil", "Mi-LAZ" (Germany), etc.

The six-month-aged and older kids fit infant formula "following formula".They are designed and intended to supply at a later stage of age, which in fact is indicated in their titles: "NAS 6-12 with bifidobacteria" (Nestlé, Switzerland), "hippie-2" (Hippach, Austria), "Enfamil 2" (Mead Johnson, USA), "Humana-2" (Humana, Germany) and others. But they are less close to breast milk.

The structure of many of these mixtures are also included Bifidobacterium capable of entering the gastrointestinal tract, increased resistance to enteric infections and prevent the development of pathological microflora in the intestine.

specialists who develop infant formula, taken care of the kids moms, facilitating their task of preparing infant formula for use.Very simple, but detailed instructions written on the label of each jar mix.

Nevertheless, it should be warned that if there are irregularities in the baby pribavle-

SRI body weight, or if the selected infant formula causing him symptoms of allergies, mother should always consult a doctor and follow his instructions.