Contraindications to breastfeeding

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

One of the most common in young mothers is the question contraindications to breastfeeding baby.

impossible to breast feed children in a very difficult and extremely serious their condition, with a serious lesion of the central nervous system, including intracranial hemorrhage, in the absence of the child's sucking reflex, metabolic diseases characterized

intolerance to mother's milk, therapeutic, if necessarysupply.

If you can not breast-feeding your baby, doctors prescribe it feeding expressed breast cups, donor milk or adapted milk mixture.

As for contraindications to breastfeeding by the mother, they are also a great number, and they are connected not only with the woman's health, but also with taking certain medications.But let's look in more detail.

mother can feed or not, depends on the disease, the stage and severity of its course, as the baby-feeding may deplete maternal power and be very dangerous for the baby.So, open form of tuberculosis is an absolute contraindication to breast-feed

ing a baby, although it soon after birth and are vaccinated.In addition, the child is isolated from the mother for 2 months from the moment of birth.If the pathological process is inactive, then breastfeeding is usually allowed, but my mother is under the constant supervision of a doctor, and at the first sign of deterioration of her condition baby weaned.

to prevent infection of the child through breast milk, breast-feeding it to temporarily stop if a woman became ill with an intestinal infection such as typhoid, paratyphoid or

dysentery, erysipelas, or she delayed generic sepsis.Refraining from feeding baby mother should express milk in order to maintain lactation.

Stopping breast-feeding mother's breast milk is appointed and if a woman has a kidney disease, accompanied by renal insufficiency, congenital and acquired heart disease, endo- and myocarditis with cardiovascular failure, severe blood diseases;malignant tumor, expressed form of hyperthyroidism.If the mother suffers from acute and severe mental illness, severe neurosis, it would also be prohibited breastfeeding baby.

Of particular note is the fact that during the treatment of any disease, sometimes a woman is forced to take drugs with high toxicity and effects on the baby.In this case, the mother is also contraindicated in breastfeeding.In general, before taking any medication, it is necessary to consult a doctor without his advice should be abandoned, even aspirin.

If a woman is sick with measles or scarlet fever, chicken pox, it is not prohibited from breastfeeding, provided immunizations milk gamma globulins.With whooping cough typically insulate the child from the mother, but continue to feed the expressed milk.If the mother was ill

diphtheria or tetanus, then breastfeeds stop.

It is worth mentioning that when a woman is infected with syphilis.If the infection occurred after 6-7 months of pregnancy and the baby born with no signs of disease, in this case breast-feeding is prohibited.

sore throat, flu, pneumonia and other acute respiratory infections are not a contraindication to breast-feeding a baby, but my mother care should be taken to prevent transmission of the disease to the kid.So, before feeding it certainly puts on a clean (or boiled new) mask covering his mouth and nose, and in other times the baby should be isolated from the mother.

Some women are interested in, and whether you can breastfeed when you resume menstruation?Usually, doctors recommend in this case do not stop feeding, as milk in this period retains all the properties, although there may be a temporary reduction in its amount.If a child withdraws from his mother's milk, which came monthly, in this period it is better to use an adapted formula milk or donor milk, but to continue pumping their own.

Thus, if one of you sick - you or the baby, before you continue feeding, better consult your doctor and follow its recommendations.