Parents must sometimes be angry .

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Parents

It seems to me that the young idealists, entering into a parent age, imagine that they have an inexhaustible fount of patience and love for her innocent child.But this, alas, is not humanly possible.When the baby cries angrily for hours without stopping, no matter how much you may try to calm him down, you will hardly feel sympathy for him.He is so ungrateful, stubborn, unsympathetic, it is impossible not to get angry at him - angry for real.And then there is your eldest is done, what was not supposed to do, and knew about it!Perhaps so interested in some fragile and expensive for you or the subject he wanted so much to play with the kids on the other side of the street, he could not resist the temptation.Or just get mad at you when you are in something he was denied or angry with the baby, you are paying so much attention.In this case, he'll do anything just out of spite.If a child violates a reasonable and well he understands the rule, not the time to pretend to be a statue of Themis.Good parents do

not hide from the child's anger or indignation.That's what you do to your parents.It your rules are broken.It your property damaged.It your child that you care so much, I went wrong.You can not help but feel indignation.The child, of course, expect it, and it would not hurt if your response will be fair.

Sometimes you need some time to realize that you have lost patience.Seated at the table, the child creates one mess after another: let unflattering comments about the food, almost deliberately knocks a glass of milk, playing something you play is forbidden, and breaks it, lifts younger brother or sister - all you are trying toignore, making supernatural effort to keep calm.But because some of the next offense, which in itself is not so serious, your patience is broken, and you are even a little scared own rage.When you look back and remember a whole lot of bad deeds, then you know that the baby the morning asking for punishment, he waited displays firmness on your part - and only your desire in that at all costs to maintain patience made him move from one provocation tothe other, waiting for the same will stop it.

We all get angry at their children, and because of the stress and hassles that experience in communicating with other people.Here is a picture, quite close to the life of the father returns home after work harassed and tired - he scolds his wife, who takes out the evil in the older child, scolding him for an act that does not usually cause disapproval - and that, in turn, disrupts the evilyounger sister.