Possible problems: the "failure" of the breast , " enough milk "

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

Different kids differently behave during breastfeeding.One with the power being drawn areola and greedily suck until it shall be satisfied.There is little lazy, that quickly fall asleep while feeding, although in the beginning of the event "worked" very active.There are kids who immediately after birth do not take the mother's breast or suck very sluggish.Most often they are premature babies or injured during birth.Therefore, until the child is fully grown, it is better to express her milk and feed him with a spoon.

In general, as in adults, in children, even infants, have their own little quirks that occur during feeding.But there are things that do not like anyone.For example, if you hold the baby's head and directed to the chest, it is likely he will start to struggle.Do not

squeeze his cheeks to open his mouth, because, following the instinct to turn his head to the side, which is something warm and pleasant touched his cheeks, he is facing a choice - where to turn, and becomes angry.

Compliance feeding proper technique, including feeding regime - strictly by the hour at a specific time, a full breast emptying by pumping milk remaining after feeding ensures proper development of the child, contribute to the resilience of his disease, as well as provide you with the production of sufficient quantities of milk.

But there are times when the baby refuses the breast for any congenital abnormalities or disease.Such diseases may include runny nose, and thrush.So, when the baby a cold act of sucking is much more difficult, because in the first months of his life he only breathes a nose, due to the fact that a large tongue almost completely closes the mouth and crush the epiglottis.Therefore, mother should always bear in mind the need to maintain a free nasal breathing of the child in general and especially when feeding.Shortness of breath gives him a sharp discomfort, he starts to choke, choke on milk and gets tired quickly, there is a concern during wakefulness, sleep disturbed.Thus, clean the nasal passages of the baby are the key to a successful and comfortable breastfeeding.

Waiver of breast can occur if a child appeared thrush - a fungal disease of the mouth, resembles a dairy foam adhering to the oral mucosa, nor charge when rubbed.If you remove the top film, then underneath the skin begins to bleed slightly and inflamed.In this case the child hurts to suck.Therefore, if you suspect a yeast infection you should immediately show the baby's doctor, and he will appoint treatment.Before the inspection the doctor after each feeding is necessary to give the baby a little boiling water that will wash your mouth with milk, and will not let fungus yeast culture medium.

are many cases when the baby refuses to take the breast after suffering ear disease as a result of the common cold, as he had for some time can be saved the pain throughout the jaw.

Very rarely, but still give birth to babies with intolerance to breast milk, which can be identified by the dyspeptic symptoms, rarely - allergic skin reactions.The cause of this disease is a violation of digestion and absorption of human milk lactose.In such cases, the baby is transferred to the mixture containing maltose and lactose instead of sucrose or no dairy mixture.

Infants born with defects lip or palate (the so-called "cleft lip" or "wolf sky"), very hard, not only a good grasp the nipple, but pulling and swallow milk while

they start choking, sneezing, but withtime to adapt to the act of sucking.To facilitate the process of feeding the baby with unjoint sky, mother should press his nose to his chest, but after breastfeeding it is also necessary to feed and because, as a rule, when he gets tired of sucking and eats.If the baby can not suck, it is best to feed the expressed milk with a spoon.If you can not feed the baby the traditional ways doctor prescribes tube feeding.

Some children are born with an overbite, or prognathism, when the lower jaw is small or, conversely, is too great.These kids are usually still adapting to the act of sucking, but if not, you should, as in the previous case, or fed from a spoon, or to enter the milk through a tube.

But healthy child may refuse the breast due to certain reasons.

Some mothers nipples are flat or elongated, which greatly complicates breastfeeding, especially in easily excitable children.If the baby is looking for but can not find the nipple, he screams and throws her head back.In this case, the mother may be advisable to attach it to the breast as soon as he wakes up, before it starts to get angry.It can be before it is needed to make a gentle massage of the nipples or to use special pads.Covers are the rubber nipples, put on the glass cone, for

imposes on his chest.When the baby sucks the rubber tip into the cone creates a vacuum, which is drawn areola, and the milk is pressed out of the chest.However, it is desirable to use only 2-3 minutes at the beginning of each feeding, because this time is enough to nipples stretched.

Instead of lining you can use the corrector and shape of the nipple, which is sold in a pharmacy.With it, the nipple change occurs easily and safely by gradual stretching of milk ducts, which can further retain the nipple in the correct position, without affecting its basic functions.The shape of the nipple can be corrected within 3 weeks, if every day to use the device for 8 hours. The device is based on the creation of a rarefied air inside the cap is put on the nipple.By attaching cap and the syringe, through which air is removed from the cap.Take advantage of this device can even expectant mother, but only in the second half of pregnancy, but 2 months before the expected birth, because at this time, any stimulation of the breast can cause the appearance of premature labor.

Another reason for the failure of the baby from the breast is a swelling of the areola.The reason for this phenomenon may become overcrowded milk ducts located underneath the areola, which is going to milk.At the same time my mother usually does not feel inconvenience, but

circle gets tough.Therefore, the child can not take it in the mouth and gums shrink, then he has to not suck and chew, making the nipple starts to hurt.To swollen and hardened areola became soft, it is necessary to squeeze out a little milk.Then, you can squeeze the areola and enter it into the baby's mouth to help him start to suck.Typically, this swelling is typical for the second half of the first week after birth and lasts 2-3 days, will not happen again, if breastfeeding is going well.

happens that a healthy baby refuses to take the breast, when menstruation mother.In these days it can be fed from the nipple, but women should not forget to pump the remaining milk to his stock is not diminished.If the mother after the critical days ceases to give the baby a bottle, he will return to his chest and the amount of breast milk is restored.

As for the problems the baby-feeding mom, they also abound.

In the first week after birth a woman can experience painful cramping in the lower abdomen during breastfeeding.The emergence of pain due to the fact that the act of suckling causes uterine contractions, causing that returns to the previous size.These spasms soon cease.

often in the first few seconds breastfeeding mother feels a sharp pain in the nipples, which will also take place over time.

Stagnation of milk causes pain in the chest, often with increasing temperature.When is the balance between the amount of secretion and sucks the milk, these effects disappear.If this does not happen, it is necessary to resort to the racking or suctioning milk or increase the number of attachment of the child to the breast crowded.Additional measures may be anti-alcohol compresses on the breast feeding mother should drink more, will also help the breast massage.In more severe cases, a woman has to seek help from a doctor, which in this case is usually prescribed analgesics and sometimes antibiotics for the prevention of mastitis.

Cracks and abrasions nipples are one of the most common and serious complications of breast-feeding a baby.They appear in the first week of lactation and may lead to the development of mastitis.The reasons for these inconveniences may be different nipple abnormalities, trauma during feeding, lack of compliance with the rules of hygiene mom.Damage may be radial cracks, erosion, or even the top of the nipple sores, complete erosion with sore nipples and others. Naturally, these complications cause serious difficulty in feeding the baby.Therefore, if any mother should temporarily limit the number applying to the affected breast or even to refrain from feeding, but 2-3 times a day to release the breast from

accumulated milk manually.At each feeding the baby should be given a second breast.

During treatment, teat lesions appoint agents promoting skin epithelialization.These include ointments with anabolic hormones, disinfectants, vitamin A, anestezin and others. You can also use a lotion with a solution of sodium chloride, and preservatives, appropriate medicinal aerosols.Recommended exposure and cancer mercury-quartz lamp.

To prevent cracks and abrasions nipples need to observe the rules of care and the breast, follow the hygiene breasts before and after feeding, as well as the right to put child to capture not only the nipple and areola, the feeding should last about 10-12 min.

called mastitis inflammation of the breast that occurs, usually due to infection by a crack from outside the nipple, t. E. Its development contribute to violations of the rules of hygiene, lack of careful care of the breast or milk stasis.

develop in the body mothers infection leads to the appearance of signs of intoxication and fever.mastitis treatment is based on the use of antibiotics and obligatory and sufficient pumping milk from the affected breast.In more severe cases it is necessary and surgery.

As for breast-feeding patient, the child's attachment to it depends on the general condition of mothers, temperature rise and changes to express milk.In severe intoxication and fever, the child can not be applied to the chest, and the expressed milk can be used to power only after the results of the microscopic and bacteriological research.In some cases it is allowed to boil the milk of expressed breast of the patient, before it to the infant.If mastitis is delayed and put the baby to the breast is impossible, it is necessary to organize donor milk supplementation or put the baby on a mixed or artificial feeding.

Warning mastitis involves careful care of the breast, good attachment to the child's chest, preventing congestion and delays of milk in the breast, correct and thorough treatment of cracked nipples.

As for healthy mothers, they often complain about the small amount of milk, not knowing what to lack of milk production occurs, in fact, it is very rare and is caused by underdevelopment of the breast or increasing physical exhaustion and mental shock weathered.In the latter two cases, the milk may reappear if the breastfeeding woman to create normal conditions.

Most often we are talking about reducing the lactation, the causes of which may be lack of food itself

mother, fatigue, sleep deprivation, insecurity in the family.Therefore, breast-feeding women are especially in need of attention and care for loved ones.For it is required adequate sleep - 7-8 hours a day, nutrition with the use of at least 1 liter of milk, diluted with 1 liter of tea, or the same amount of dairy products.For more information on improving lactation you can learn from a specially dedicated to this topic section.

Well, when we are done with the features of breast-feeding a baby, you can go to such a serious issue as the feeding regime.