Poses recommended for feeding .you pick the right

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Feeding Children

1. For moms who have had a difficult birth or cesarean section, suitable posture lying on your side. The woman and the child must lie on its side, turning to each other with a pillow under his head.Sitting comfortably, mom should lean to the baby to the nipple touched the child's lips.The child takes the breast and begin sucking.It is necessary to ensure that the baby's head was lifted and turned to one side, - so is prevented from entering the milk into the airways with a possible regurgitation.This feeding position can be recommended to be used at night when the mother is resting.

2. Feed the baby can lie when he is at the mother's breast. For this woman should prepare a comfortable bed of pillows under their arms.The child lay on his chest and go with him on his back, holding him in

feeding time.In this position, convenient to feed premature, debilitated children and twins.This position ensures intimate contact between the baby and the mother, the child with the calm and happy as usual for him t

o hear the sound of a mother's heart, feel the warmth of her body, has the ability to make eye contact with her gaze.In addition, the position is convenient for moms with intense shock milk, baby milk warning flooding.

3. Woman sitting, leaning against the headboard. Legs need to pull up to her, put his knees on a pillow, her baby face him.While in this position, the child pressed sideways to the mother side, and his feet are hidden under her arm.

4. «Crib». We need to sit in a comfortable chair or a chair, to take the baby in his arms so that his head was on the elbow, on the nipple level, and the child's face and body were turned to the chest.Another mother hand should hold a little back and buttocks.For convenience, you can use a small pillow under your arm and back.Instead elbow baby's head can be put under the palm of your hand, providing him the opportunity to grab the nipple deeply.This position will be convenient for those mothers who have small and flat nipple (see. Figure)

Figure «Crib»

5. Women with breast nipple flat, suitable posture when feeding takes place out of hand. Toddler must be placed on the side of my mother, turning to his chest.The baby's head should be under his arm and priderzhi-

vatsya hand.Feet are behind mom.For convenience and to create the necessary height of the arm can be put a pillow.