Scenario Russian wedding


bride - Maria Ivanovna;

groom - Ivan;

bride's father - Ivan T.;

mother of the bride - Anastasia V.;

groom's father - Vasily Mitrofanovich;

groom's mother - Barbara Filip;

godfathers and mothers of the bride and groom;

two svashki (bride and groom);

boyfriend - friend of the bridegroom;

poddruzhe - Assistant pals;

povozniki - young driver (four);

girls - the bridesmaids (five or six);

pozyvalschiki - mummers (six to eight);

guests, members of the household and the villagers (about thirty).


scenery on stage: peasant house (interior), a table, two benches (one at the table, the other along the windows), trunk, spinning wheel, windows curtains simple, homespun rugs on the floor.Above the table, in the red corner, hanging icons, lamps are lit in front of them.

bride's house.The mother and father of the bride sitting on a bench at the table.In a corner of the hut is a group of girlfriends girls.They sing, lament.


Girls go.There is a knock at the door.In the hut

go father and god-mother of the groom.They stop at a threshold, crosses on the icon and greet with the hosts (bow).

Father of the Bride.Yes pass.

C and so on. No, we'll stand here.

Godmother. we lost calf.I do not get lost it to you?

parents.Yes pribludy.

C and so on. And if you give it to us?

bride's mother. No, this girl is still young.Let sit still at home, grow up, and see what happens.

Godmother. Give it to us.And we will sew a fur coat, boots and woolly blanket made of wool.And your daughter, it will be as a native, no it would not hurt us

Father of the Bride. Well, if you promise to honor our daughter to keep, we agree to give it to you.Scrapie our contract prayer.

all pray to God.Matchmakers come to the table.Swat pulled out a bottle of vodka, pour it into a glass and twine them all present.

matchmakers. Are you willing to play the wedding six months later, on the Red hill?

Parents .We agree.

Matchmakers get up from the table, say goodbye and go.My mother and father of the bride to hold out guests.The cottage comes the bride.

Bride (cries and laments).

Morning wedding day.We groom the groom

House.The scenery on the stage of the same.

the table and sit on the benches groom, his parents, godfather and mother svashki, household.There is a knock.The bride, dressed in a wedding from the bride shirt, opens the door.The cottage comes with boyfriend poddruzhem, povozniki (driver), bow to the groom's parents.


Parents of the groom.Collect, collect!

Pal (refers to the parents of the groom).

all. God bless!

Father takes son and blesses the icon.


the groom's father.

bridegroom's mother gives the friend in uzelochki crust of bread, and he, along with povoznikami overlooking the yard (down from the stage).Wedding train leaves for the bride (the hall).A groom with svashkoy and relatives in other carts going to the church, where he met the bride.Wedding groom train coming down from the stage and disappears behind the scenes.

arrival of the bride.The best man in the house of the bride

scenery at the same stage.At the bride's house had already gathered her parents, godparents, svashka, friends, members of the household.Bride, already wearing the crown, sitting on a bench at a table covered with white felt, and cries, wails.


Wedding train arrives at the bride's house (back down the hall to the stage).The gates are closed, the villagers gathered around them.They cry.

villagers. What did you come here?

Poezzhane.We would like to take Woman.

villagers .Do not give away the bride!Money, so pay us!Will ransom - give up!

not let up until the boyfriend does not give a bottle of vodka and money - this is the bride.Pal with poddruzhem comes into the house, and stops in front of the icons he says.

Pal .Lord God, let us pray.

All are in the house praying to God.

Pal. all good people worship!

Bows first father and mother of the bride, and then the three parties all present.He does otklanivayus.



bypass poddruzhem all matchmakers and matchmakers, greets everyone and kisses.Then it continues:


He called the name and patronymic of the owner, indigenous matchmaker, the bride's father.

Pal .Svatushka dear, Ivan T., yesterday you were away?

Swat .It Was!

Pal. Wine, beer drinking?

Swat .Pili!

Pal .Do you promise to give your child for our groom?

Swat.I promise!

Pal ( sits on the bench).

Swat. As you know, pal!

best man rises from the bench, suitable for the bride, which sits quietly in the corner of the hut (there it moved over the appearance of matchmakers), stands next to her and said.

Pal .

Bride (wiping tears) .

Pal .

Bride feeds the friend's hand, and he leads her out of the corner in the front corner, muttering.


(Plants bride in the red corner and continues.)

Poddruzhe delivers gifts from the bride groom.Gifts consist of several rustic toilet accessories, or any fine jewelry, sometimes things.

Swat (turns to the audience).

Call name and patronymic of the bride's mother.Then the boyfriend refers to it.


Root matchmaker makes bread on a plate with salt and put on the table in the front corner.Pal took the bread, raises it three times, and repeats three times.


(He takes a knife and cuts the crust, saying.)

cronies give a handkerchief.He takes from the bridegroom brought bread crust and cool salted both tightly binds them in a scarf, there is broad sides.Together with cap bind and two spoons.Immediately matchmaker (root matchmaker and svashka) tied the friend and poddruzhyu embroidered towel over his shoulder (or give a red cloth in a sling over his shoulder).Get sash bows and boyfriend says.


Gives matchmaker money.All drink, snack.

Pal ( rises).


Get out of the house, sit on the cart and go to church (across the room).


Wedding train of the bride and groom drove up to the church (the bridal back across the room, and the groom leaves from behind the scenes).They stop in front of the temple.Temple decorations can be placed on the right or the left of the scene at such a distance that could hide behind them young and relatives.For this purpose, it is best to use the second entrance behind the scenes.Poddruzhe, turning to the audience, he exclaimed.


best man comes to the door of the temple and cries.


All enter the temple.From the inside to the audience heard singing in the church choir and the priest's words: "the servant of God is crowned Mary with God's servant Ivan!" Then the young, accompanied by relatives and guests go out of the church and the boyfriend asks.


Coming out of church and coming to the wedding train, everyone should sing slowly:

Wedding train rides to the groom's house (across the room).

Wedding.Pick a wedding train

Wedding train pulls up to the house of the groom.Gathered near the house of the villagers (they stand in front of the stage, at the gate) joyfully shout.

villagers. go, go!

Arrived ( sing).

of the house to meet the young leave the groom's parents, and are at the gate.Father hands holding a towel embroidered with bread and salt, which the bride and groom kiss after bowing.Young sent to the house, and the groom's mother, with a broom in his hand, is the first and prometaet road in front of the bride and groom on the street itself to the porch of the house., Entrance to the house.On the floor, a coat of sheepskin fur on the outside.The bride and groom stand on her bow at the feet of their parents.Mother takes the icon.Parents bless the young.The bride and groom kiss the icon, bread and salt, the father, mother and sit on the bench at the table.

Rite povivaniya

rite begins povivaniya.Malchiki- "uncle" stretch the towel and close them by young viewers.One of svashek asks pals with podtsruzhem.


Pal with poddruzhem.

God bless, and we bless.

groom Svashka slowly begins to comb his hair, and untwist it svashka bride plait to put a magpie.They sing a song leisurely midwife.

Svashka svashka bride and groom.

guests begin to dance and sing.


finished singing and dancing.In the hut there is silence.Thrice a towel, at the ends of which the candles are burning, tracing around the head of the groom and the bride - "recoiling young."Closing a young, svashki turn them to the friend and poddruzhyu.

Pal .Open, open young!

Svashki. Povili hohlushechku, Maria Darling.How to give gold as well as show the young.

Pal with poddruzhem svashkam poured a glass of wine and throw money there.Svashki shake this small change, three times changing glasses, drink and reveal younger.

Redemption dowry

Since the end of the hall to the stage driven by the bride's dowry - a bed and a chest.Near the gate at the bridegroom's house he was going to rural people.So his relatives are beginning to bargain by buying the chest and bed.

With carts ( relatives of the groom).

Relatives groom (scoffing) .Bring back, we do not like.

On occasions. Do not like, do not expect anything grand, others sell wanting much.

Relatives groom ( already softened ).Okay, so, wait.

What you want for your product?

With carts. money penny, quarter-vodka.

dowry give money and poured vodka, which are treated not only the groom's relatives, but all the villagers.Chest and the bed is made in house.

Wedding gifting (loaf)

Young out to the middle of the hut (the scene).Next to them are the parents and godparents of the bride.Pal takes a loaf, and breaks it over the heads of the young into three parts.Initially, the bride groom bestowed relatives: parents, godparents, uncles, aunts, etc. zolovokThen he takes a glass and a bottle of vodka groom.Everyone who comes to bestow ( "ozolochat"), the young, bring a glass of vodka.Poddruzhe gives the vodka a piece of loaf.The presenter, addressing the young, wish them happiness, she drinks a glass, eating ritual bread.The best man holding a tray and collect money and gifts.Things folds on the bench.

Pal (encouraging guests) .The cup to drink, take out a hundred rubles, Dari - do not be stingy!Time gives, Treasury rings!

Wedding dinner

On stage, put tables and guests are seated on relationship (see explanation).Bridal seated on the coat (fur up) or white felt in the center of the table.While the covered tables, before the stage dancing and singing "obygryvalschiki", ieinvited for this purpose to the wedding singers and musicians.They play a pipe, zhaleyka, balalaika, accordions, etc.

Two groups "Obygryvalschikov" invoking sing a song (sings the first phrase, "God bless the Christ", the other - all the rest).


After the guests rassyadutsya, Chief Matchmaker (father of the groom) proclaims.

father of the groom.Well, let's pray to God!

All rise, baptized, and somebody says, "Well, let's go to them, O Lord, the happiness, to gifting came to their wealth!" The guests sit down, drink for the young, have a snack and shout "bitter!" From the scene removed the tables,only leave the bench along the wall of the hut, which are transplanted and guests."Obygryvalschiki" begin to beat the guests with songs.Those who beat, come to dance.songs sound.





And so on.Then all the guests are located in a circle in front of the stage and start singing and dancing to an accordion or a balalaika.

Plyasova pripevki


Guests sit on the bench, and go round guy with a girl.

Neskladuhi and fiction









The circle published several girls.


1st woman.

«Goodbye!" - Says cute,

A stone will fall on the heart.

2nd girl.

coming home, knock into the porch,

mother did not know that at the heart.

third girl.

Is my falcon

Do not come, do not calm?

4th girl.

sparkle with overflow,

heart beats with a break!


1st woman.

2nd girl.

third girl.

4th girl.

Several young men and women singing and dancing to the songs sound recording group "Ivan Kupala".


(loss) (loss)

All guests sing a song, "If only had the golden mountain."

can perform humorous songs "Like mother like me," "Oh Evenings with, from midnight" and others.


young stand up, and together with the other sisters and svashkami go backstage.

morning of the second day

Mother of bride with pozyvalschikami (mummers) go to the groom's house to look for the loss.Costumed go across the hall to the stage and sing, to dance, beg for money from the audience, wondering behave disgracefully and pozyvayut.

Costumed. lost the good, the good is lost!

Costumed sing the song "Kolyada" group "Ivan Kupala", only the word "carols" is replaced by the word "virgin."


Chorus: Chorus:

Costumed, continuing to look for a young, up on stage, where the couple sitting at the table, and close relatives of the groom.

Costumed .People you have not seen pock-marked heifer?
Relatives .Come, find - will be yours, and not - ours.

Young hiding behind the groom's relatives, and push forward an old woman, dressed "by the young."Swat leads "young" to guests.

Swat .Here take a pock-marked heifer!We do not need it.

Costumed .But for that you have so offended?We asked the pock-marked heifers, not pock-marked old woman!

Finally mummers find and bring to center stage the young.

Costumed. And here is our telushechka was found!

Bride. No, I'm not yours.I am now Zubkov, rather than Popov.

Costumed .Well, wrong.We lost a girl with a scythe, and in this there is no spit.Then excuse!

Bride .Well, if you're so far gone, you stay and have fun with us.

Hosts twine all the guests drinks.He performed several dance songs: "I was on the hill", "Oh, you are my porch, canopy", "Kalinka", etc.Several guests jump on the bench and danced on them (it was thought that if the guests are dancing on the benches, so the wedding was a success).Pal goes to the center of the stage.

Pal. Well, that, dear guests had fun?It's time to know and honor!Proschevayte!About our wedding do not forget!Often come to visit and bring gifts.And our young live-happily ever after but good.

This ends the wedding fun.All participants take the stage at the general bow.

holiday Organization

for preparation and holding of the festival Russian wedding tradition in the school creates a creative team, which should include, in addition to the organizer of extracurricular activities, teachers of history, world culture, literature, music, painting, work.Because of its composition is chosen chief director and his assistant.