Abnormalities of the heart

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Genetic Diseases

Anomalies heart location can be the result of a misuse of the heart, and formed under the influence of noncardiac (extracardiac) reasons.

When analyzing the location of the heart anomalies uses the following terms:

1) «dextrocardia", "mirror dextrocardia» - pravoraspolozhennoe heart, accompanied by a reverse position (inversion) of the internal organs;

2) «dekstroversiya» - pravoraspolozhennoe heart without inversion of the internal organs;

3) «dekstrapozitsiya heart» - the displacement of the heart to the right under the influence of noncardiac factors;

4) «levokardiya» - levoraspolozhennoe heart with inversion of the internal organs;

5) «levoversiya» - levoraspolozhennoe heart without reverse position (inversion) of the abdominal cavity.

survey of persons with abnormal position of the heart has a number of features.This type of set position of the heart, the anatomical structure of the defects, the nature of the movement of blood.About atrial localization can be seen by the location

of internal organs: right atrium located on the same side where the liver.On the situation of the right atrium and ventricle can be found on the ECG results.When angiokardiografii (heart study, by introducing his camera contrast agent followed by chest X-ray) clarify the features of the internal structure of each chamber.Location of the liver in the middle of the abdomen shows vaguely formed heart.Of decisive importance in establishing the defect belongs catheterization of heart cavities and angiokardiografii.

Dekstroversiya is a right-hand drive the heart at a normal position of the liver.In this vice to change the spatial relationship of the right and left sections, but retain their normal structure.Without concomitant vices favorable prognosis.If any, what is the right heart hump.

mesocardium, mezoversiya - middle position of the heart in the normal location of the atria and the liver.Occurs rarely (9% of all heart anomalies position), typically a random finding, if not combined with other congenital heart disease.

Levokardiya - cases with left-hand drive as the heart and liver.The frequency of such defect is 0.8% of all congenital heart defects.The location and the relationship of the heart chambers, discharge of major vessels are normal.As a rule, a vice combined with the anomaly of the vena cava.

mirror dextrocardia - a heart with pravoraspolozhennoe levoraspolozhennymi liver and right atrium.This localization of the heart and abdominal organs occurs in 27% of patients with abnormal heart position.The frequency of congenital heart disease at the mirror dextrocardia is 6-8% (most often it is tetralogy of Fallot, transposition of the great vessels-corrected, ventricular septal defect).

Levokardiya - the heart is on the left, there is localized and liver.

Neopredelennosformirovannoe heart (visceral heterotaxy syndrome) is often combined with the absence of the spleen.In all cases, there is a common atrium, atrioventricular valve malformations, anomalies of the formation and location of the vena cava, anomalous pulmonary veins.The heart usually located on the right.The liver can be located in the middle of the thorax, at least the right or left.As a rule, neopredelennosformirovannoe heart combined with combined defects, and the majority of children die in their first year of life.

anomalies heart surgical treatment location.