Injuries: First Aid to the arrival of the doctor

August 12, 2017 17:51 | Child Health

You should be able to provide the necessary assistance to the kid to the doctor soon.

1. Foreign bodies in the eye , nose,

ears After contact with a foreign body in the eye there is a strong stinging, pain, burning, accompanied by lacrimation.The eyes should be immediately rinsed.But we must first pull the eyelid and determine the location of a speck of dust or other substances.

When a foreign body is detected, take a dropper, or syringe can be disposable rubber bulb (bulb), with warm boiled water and wash the first jet of water the area around the eyes, eyelids and eyelashes, and then pull the eyelids and wash the surface of the eyeball.The head of the baby at the same time need a little tilt to the side of the damaged eye, in order to wash off with water to a foreign body or a substance does not get into the other eye.

After eyewash should be wet with a clean cloth or the pressed cloth and consult a doctor, to prevent the development of inflammation.

Children sometimes during the game to put

their nose or ears of various subjects.A place to play kid should be prepared in advance by removing all small accessories.When removing the foreign body should try not to push it even deeper.Therefore, if the mother is not sure that will cope with this problem itself, you need to call a doctor immediately.

If the object is soft and is close to the outlet, it is possible to get with the help of tweezers.

2. Bleeding from the nose

Nosebleeds occur when:

1) injury of the nose;

2) damage or irritation of the mucous membrane;

3) high body temperature;

4) because of the plethora of cerebral vessels.In hot weather, with prolonged stay in the sun

blood rushes to the head, and dry mucous membranes of the nose.

Kid will be moved by lifting your head and shoulders.Then enter in the anterior nasal passage from twisted cotton flagellum.On the bridge of the nose should be putting a cloth soaked in cold water.If bleeding continues, the bubble is applied to the back with ice, and call a doctor.

If you have nosebleeds for no apparent reason should show the child pediatrician, since in some cases, the bleeding can be a symptom of the disease.

3. Burns

The most common causes of burns in young children are boiling liquid and touching hot objects.This usually affects the fingers and mouth.These burns are localized in small areas, but defeat is a significant depth.

When extensive lesions should call an ambulance or take the child to the hospital.

In mild cases, when the burn is not deep, you can help your child by yourself.To do this, use special drugs that all-

GDSs should be in your medicine cabinet.If they do not, it can be applied to the affected skin clean petroleum jelly, vegetable oil or butter, and on top lay loose gauze bandage.

If a child got burned as a result of which there were blisters or peels off the skin, apply Burns drug and call your doctor immediately.Reveals the blisters is by no means impossible, as the infection can get into them.

We must remember that in the case of a burn can not use iodine or other antiseptics.It will only worsen the condition of the baby.

necessary to use special medicines for the treatment of burns, which are composed of oil, they should always be at hand.Your doctor will help you choose the right tool, which should be just in case beforehand laid up in a home medicine cabinet.

Special cases are burns when contact:

1) with household chemicals.From the child's body must remove clothing quickly stained a toxic substance, and call "fast."Self-help has not, since you do not know how to neutralize a chemical;

2) electricity.In such situations, eliminate contact with the power source, and call your doctor immediately.

4. Injuries

If the child fell, it should reassure and examine the body, starting from the head.Then, check the hands and feet, of their motor activity, to find out whether there is pain with movement.It scrapes and bumps need to apply a cold compress.He will remove the pain and swelling.Abrasions better handle Zelenko.If after this kid stops crying after 15 minutes, he remained a regular complexion, no vomiting, the mother should not worry.

As a result, a strong head injury in a child appears vomiting, loss of appetite, pale skin for a few hours, the baby falls asleep easily, but quickly wakes up, loses consciousness.In this case, you should call a doctor, but before he came to provide your child a full rest and cold on the injury site.

According to statistics, in the fall kids often hit his head, because it is heavier than the other parts of the body.

5. Electric shock

Upon contact of a child with electric cables or devices need to turn off the power immediately.If you can not turn off the current, you need to wear rubber gloves to protect your hands or other rubber things and remove the baby from the wire with his right hand.Urgent call the ambulance service or the Ministry of Emergency Situations.If the child is not breathing,

should start to do artificial respiration and heart massage.For the kid artificial respiration should be put on the back and tilt the head back as far as possible.Attach your lips to the lips of the child.The air needed to blow slightly and bit 1/3 of an adult breaths as the lungs of young children.After the inspiration you need to take away my lips from the mouth of the child and allow the light to push the air, then again in the child breathe the air, and so continue, alternating breath as you exhale.The tempo of the breathing should be slightly faster than in adults.heart massage is performed simultaneously with the artificial respiration.

6. food Inhalation

to clear the airway, you need to put the baby on his arm so that his head and chest were lowered down to throw over his arm.With the other hand you need to knock on the back between the shoulder blades.Then examine the mouth and pull your finger out of her leftover food.If these steps have not yielded the desired results, then you need to put the baby's belly on his knee with both hands and squeeze the chest 3-4 times, this is done carefully so as not to break the edges.Usually after that the airways are cleared, and the baby takes a breath, followed by followed by prokashlivanie.

In more severe cases, immediately call the machine "emergency" and Bring the child to the hospital.